Sacred Sound Workshop at the Sacred Uisneach Hill – on Saturday 19 May 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Would you like to be part of a transformational Saturday of pure sacred stillness and sounds that vibrate you from head to toe, align you with your Spirit and Universal Divinity and learn how to do this anywhere anytime yourself?On Saturday 19, Kamilla Harra will be sharing a powerful and beautiful Sacred Sound Healing Workshop where we’ll be using ancient sacred vowels of Creation to transform, strengthen and heal in meditation. This is a wonderful event to relax, enjoy the deep healing and open up to more of you and your unique gifts to transform you and the World.
Along with some very deep clearing work, we will be toning what is considered in ancient texts to be the “clearest” of all sounds or the “base for all mantras” that return us to Oneness. This is complete Unity and Harmony between our Human heart and mind, our Spiritual Mind and Consciousness of the Universe (The Creator). It is said that one complete hour of these sounds transform a human being irrevocably for ever. Along with this, we will also learn – or become aware of how to use Sound for:
  • Clearing Chakras
  • Fast Grounding with sound 
  • Clearing space and environment
  • Cleansing your aura
  • Transforming and uplifting emotions
  • Sound for manifestation & expansion 
We will be also working with the Inner Sacred Space, The Energy of Creation, Joy and reconnecting with more awareness to the Earth. Kamilla will gently remind us of the truth behind Sound, how it has been used by our ancestors (before the accepted “conventional” history of Ireland, Europe and the world), you will start to align or completely reconnect with your powerful Human Light ancestors (as yet inactive or unaware frequencies in your DNA). We will also explore the natural Sacred Earth Energies and some ancestral connections of the sacred site. Lastly, we will be working with manifestation and setting your Inner Intention of Love and Will through sounding. 
Kamilla is a Kinesiologist, A Sound healer, EFT, SomaEnergetics, Light Grids Healing & Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. Contact Shane on 086 1744 526 or Kamilla on 086 383 6263 to book your place.
€40 (Special Offer: book by Tuesday May 15 for €36)
Date & Time:
10:45 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Please arrive a little earlier, if you can, we will be starting at 10:45 with preliminary centering and grounding.
Bring with you:
A comfortable blanket, throw or a warm cardigan. A yoga mat (optional). A bottle of water (optional).

Sacred Sound Healing Meditation, every second Sunday of the month.

Would you like to add an hour of meditative relaxation and healing this Sunday just for you? To feel nurtured, calmed, energised and strengthened by Sacred Sounds? I am running a beautiful relaxing and powerful sound meditaiton this Sunday at 11:00 in Maynooth using ancient sacred vowels that transform, strengthen and heal. This is a wonderful short event to relax, enjoy the vibrations of the wovels as they cleanse you and be part of a healing group. :) This workshop is just around €10 to make it affordable and enjoyable to everyone!

Here are the details of the healing meditation:

Meditate, Cleanse and Heal through the power of your voice and Sacred Sound in a group meditation setting. Kamilla Harra will be conducting a Sacred Sound Meditation every second Sunday from 11:00-12:15 at Harmony Holistic Health, Maynooth. Price: what feels RIGHT to you. This is a unique healing experience, similar to meditation where in a short time you feel centered, at peace and a healing begins as the Harmony between your Mind, Your Spirit and Your Body is restored through sound. This is a deeply personal experience, expanded by being done in a group.

Kamilla is a Kinesiologist, A Sound healer, EFT, SomaEnergetics,Light Grids Healing & Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. Contact Kamilla on 086 383 6263 to book your place

Check this page for updates on the next workshop!:))