Easy (un)cooking class for Delicious Sugar-free, Wheat-free, Dairy-free Energy-boosting lifestyle! :)

I would like to offer you an experience of rejuvenating your body, changing your mind and embracing tiny changes that make a BIG DIFFERENCE!
Healthier food in my world is EASY, FUN, takes almost no time and gives you a New You at the end of the small baby steps you can take right now into a healthier lifestyle!
Food should GIVE ENERGY, NOT make you WANT TO SLEEP! Learn to feed your body and mind, reduce stress and stay young with my “easy-to prepare anywhere” recipes! Tired of cooking? Don’t cook at all? This class is definitely for you = we are going to be mostly ‘preparing’, not cooking and re-igniting the passion for eating well!
You will receive a multitude of tips on how to create energy-giving, tasty, nutritious dishes, so that people who eat conventional meals will want to have what you are having! Class includes full organic Lunch, delectable sugar-free deserts and fruity green smoothies.

  • Easy & Suitable for complete beginners.
  • What to do if you can’t have dairy and/or wheat: easy-peasy solutions on the go!)
  • 5-minute Lunches: you’ll mark the time and see how to make this FAST! – tasty, fun, dairy and gluten-free!
  • Raw guilt-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, GUILT-FREE & tasty deserts!
  • Chocolates & chocolate-cake made in 15 minutes at home  gf, df, sf
  • Can’t have chocolate? We’ve got alternatives (raw carob) for you! :)
  • 7-minute Lemon (or chocolate) mousse: delicious, raw, super-easy, gf, df, sf!
  • Delicious Organic gluten-free, dairy-free Dinner under 25 minutes.
  • Green smoothies “revolution” for health and vitality: have 2 different green smoothies on the day!
  • What if you’re craving cheese and are dairy-intolerant? Try this amazing food that can be used like cheese!
  • How to make life even more enjoyable without wheat and gluten. Why we crave it & how to “expand & enrich our diet beyond wheat”.
  • How to balance good quality and make it affordable: information on brands, shops and ingredients.

Learn to easily modify and vary the same recipes to suit your palate or mood: Mediterranean or Mexican? Crunch & zing for summer or comfort & richness for winter?

This class also includes an OPTIONAL start-up EnergiserYou will learn the 5 Tibetan Pearl exercises that you can do at home or anywhere else under 15 minutes!

Cost: €40
Date: Saturday, 28th July
Time: 11:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Location: Summerseat Court, Clonee Village (4 minutes from Blanchardstown Shopping centre).