Thrive on Raw in Winter! Staying Slim, Energetic, Youthful and Healthy this Season!

Stay Warm, Radiant and Energetic this Winter! With Super Energising & Warming Living Foods!

Kamilla Harra will be presenting warming Live (raw) winter meals, ways to detox while eating (not dieting) and to stay Vibrant, Radiant and Healthy! The course includes Fully Raw Delicious Winter Glow dinner with desserts, Course Notes, All Recipes.

  • stay slim without restricting diets this winter;
  • get more vibrant, eneregetic & warm;
  • boost your immunity naturally this season: avoid colds, flus & bugs;
  • improve existig health concerns for you and your family;
  • avoid 2 Common Mistakes people make during winter which lower immunity and make us put on weight.

You will discover:

  • Which surprising food group is needed the most in Winter (you will be surprised!) :)
  • How to eat smartly to feel more satiated and loose weight (or do not put on the winter pounds).
  • What juices, drinks and smoothies will work in the best way for you during the cold months.
  • How much raw is for you? The All new way to see if your body is asking for more or less raw right now.
  • Strategies for bringing more raw into your diet to suit your needs.
  • What foods warm up the body and nourish it best when it’s cold.

Living Fully Raw Menu:

~ Spicy WARM Chocolate Drink with Hidden Greens ~

~ Super Energy Boost Salad ~

~ Raw Aromatic Curry ~

~ ‘Winter Comfort’ Parsnip Soup ~

~ ‘Make Me Young’ Nut-free Instant Raw Cookies ~

~ Chocolate Brownie ~


Location: Kathy’s super cool Apartment 4B, 41 Prince Albert Street

Investment: $69 (Includes Fully Raw Winter Glow dinner with Desserts:)
Early Bird: $60 (When Paid in Full by 27th July)

Date & Time: 9 August 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

How to Enroll: Please go to ENROLLMENT PAGE or contact Kamilla on 022 1931 879 or Kathy on 0221239388