Testimonial K.S.

I had a frozen shoulder and could not turn my head to the left or lift my left shoulder for 5 months. I tried the doctor and other therapies and it did not help. I went to Kamilla for two sessions and my shoulder, my neck and my arm have not troubled me since! After the first session I was able to put my head to my left shoulder, I had not been able to do it in 5 months! I also had an injury in my back from a couple of years ago, at times I had to take painkillers. My back has never felt better. Also, I didn’t expect this when I went to Kamilla, but my knees stopped hurting me. They would ache very badly every couple of months since childhood. I used to have to get special heat therpay in hospital abroad every 3 years. I would always feel the weather change – whenever it got colder, the knees would ache even in bed. My knees have not troubled me since I had the 2 sessions with Kamilla. I am very impressed with this, I can’t believe it! I feel so great now, thank you.

K.S. Dublin 15