Testimonial Shane

I went to see Kamilla to help me with some energy blockages I knew I was holding in my body and I was immediately impressed by her. Her unique combination of healing tools and her excellent intuitive awareness were fantastic. I can look back at the sessions I had with Kamilla now and notice a huge positive difference in my life and my well-being. I am grateful to her for how much she helped me and for the dedication she has made to the healing arts. I am happy to recommend her highly to others.
Following the success of my treatments I attended a sacred sound workshop that Kamilla was facilitating. It was a very powerful and healing experience, the cells of my body literally buzzed with delight after the workshop! I then invited Kamilla to host a similar workshop at my house and it too was very powerful, healing and energizing. If you get the chance I would definitely encourage you to try out any similar workshops Kamilla facilitates, in my opinion, you will not be disappointed.

Shane, Mullingar