Testimonial Denise Dalton

I attended a 2 hour appointment with Kamilla in August of 2011 as I was having issues with my skin. It was breaking out terribly with acne and despite all the treatments I was provided with by my doctor, nothing was working. After my appointment with Kamilla, my eyes were opened to the fact that my skin was possibly breaking out due to various food intolerance’s I was suffering from. After Kamilla carried out an holistic intolerance test it was discovered that I was intolerant to a range of foods that I was consuming on a daily basis. This was a huge step forward for me as I never presumed it was related to my food choices. After a detailed discussion with Kamilla, I also learned some valuable insights to the importance of eating only organic foods. Ever since my visit to Kamilla, I have removed the foods I was found to be intolerant to from my diet, I have converted to only eating organic fruits and vegetables and within 3 months my skin completely cleared up.

Almost a year later and my skin is still in great condition. I am so grateful to Kamilla for her expertise and helping me realise that natural remedies are a better choice when trying to overcome aliments of any kind.

Denise Dalton, Moyglare, Co Maynooth