How to Move Through Grief to Joy

The picture you see here was taken 6 days after my beloved grandmother passed on. The insights, peace, clarity, gratitude and love moved through me with such beautiful intensity 💗- right after very deep grieving (involving forms of disbelief-denial, regret, shame, confusion, overwhelm, sadness). When we embrace that whatever life offers us is here to serve us – magical things can happen.

I’d love for all of us to move through fear, confusion and pain associated with loss.

Here are some quick Guidelines on working with Loss & Grief:

𝟭. “Get Rid of ‘I can’t handle it!’: the biggest block in moving through emotions is the belief that they are bigger than you are. This isn’t true as you are the one holding the space for them – so you must be bigger!

𝟮. Lean into it: don’t run, delay or deny what you feel – the more you allow yourself to feel and even invite more in – the faster it passes through you.

𝟑. Remember it’s meant to finish: kick “this is endless” thoughts aside – emotions aren’t eternal, everything changes.

𝟒. Look for ‘goodies’: we were taught a lie about “unpleasant emotions” e.g. they hurt us & have no further use. If the Universe is kind, then what you feel has a value. Look for that value. You WILL find it.

𝟓. Higher Power: studies on longevity & happiness show that people who accept there is a Higher Power, deal with adversity and regain balance much faster.You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to open your mind to the Greater Intelligence of Nature, which includes cycles of life.❤️

Feel free to share below if any of the points above resonate with you the most.

If you would like to work through loss: the course on ‘Moving through Loss into Joy and Confidence’ is available online (check workshops on this website), and if you act before 26th of March 2023, you can still join some of the sessions Live in the course.

If you would like some help with moving through challenging emotions into peace, contentment and even joy 1:1 – you can book a Discovery Call to see if I can assisst you with that.

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How to Instantly Lift your Energy, Mood, Luck & Manifesting Power :)

Whenever we intend anything, we gather, direct and send energy to organise itself into what we want.

A blessing is one of the most powerful ways to intend & manifest: e.g. we lovingly bless somebody with a positive intention to have more love, luck, health. This is why people say: “Wish me luck!”, “Wish me well!” when they need extra support.

What might be possibly new to some people is that you can bless yourself with the same effects as when blessing others. I practice self-blessing or loving intentional well-wishing often for self-healing, manifesting and raising my vibes and mood. If you first bless you, then whatever good you intend for others will have a stronger effect because you will be vibrating at a higher frequency (see my preffered formula for self-blessing below).

Science: to date at least 66 papers have been published on the Maharishi effect* – the observable positive effects of “loving kindness and wellness wishing” meditation on larger groups of people and environment; such as reduced violence, sickness and accidents as well as reduction of casualties in war zones. Additionally, the research done on collective prayer also proves that we each hold this incredible Power of manifesting our loving intentions.

Other benefits of consistent self-blessing:

– tap into & grow your natural positive power;

– deeper connection with your Divine Nature or Higher Self;

– manifesting what you desire;

– experience positive shifts in how you feel and in your life;

– feel more confident about what you can do in the world;

– a greater meaning and importance of your life;

– increase inner confidence ✨

Below is an example of a Self-Blessing you can repeat once or a few times, it is best done with your eyes closed and many of my clients feel stronger effects when imagining a golden or other pleasant colour light shower them as they say the words. (You can imagine golden sparkles – a bit like a magic wond blessing.)

✨✨✨I bless you with Love and Light as you read these words✨✨✨💗✨✨✨

You can add other words to your blessing, such as: success, happiness, confidence, manifesting powers.

*References to 66 published papers discussing the positive effects of individuals and groups practicitng meditation