Your Family Tree can make you Stronger or Secretly Sabotage you – Get Your Power back!

Your Blood is a fluid – and we know that water holds information through a state called ‘structured water’*.  All fluids in your body can hold codes of Freedom, Confidence and Joyful Connection with others, or they can be literally pulling you away from your own power of living in peace, clarity and success!

Where do we get these codes? A lot of our patterns come down – literally – through the blood. But also through the 1st Rite of Passage – Conception: when your spirit has its first experience of being em-bodied and connected with your Human family from that moment on.

In many ancient cultures, women KNEW exactly the moment of conception – and celebrated by welcoming the spirit of a baby. For the last 6-7000 years, people have focused on thinking and disconnected from their body intelligence – so most women aren’t aware they are pregnant for a while, and the celebration – if any – happens much later.
This alone produces confusion for the spirit imprinting into water and can cause feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness and avoidance of life.

These patterns run like little programmes that loop in cycles: you repeat the same emotional-mental- behavioral pattern over and over and over again. And you think this is who you are.

In reality this is actually just an energy pattern you got used to/addicted to.

Depending on your family genetics and your experience of conception, you may hold some distortions in the fluids of your body, which in your daily life could affect:

– Letting Go of the Past

– Grief and Sadness levels

– Self-Worth

– Emotional Intelligence

– Embodiment (power levels of Life Force in you through Kidneys)

– Abundance and Receiving

– Stagnation (feeling stuck) and Renewal Patterns

What you could do to help you start changing the limiting codes you took on from your kin:

  1. Learn to accept and feel your emotions fully – this is what ultimately sets you free from holding onto your own and ancestral unhealthy patterns. if you or your family are not good at expressing emotions, this is the biggest factor in a “backlog” of your familial past trauma. If you don’t know where to start – seek professional help/search online/start exploring emotional intelligence.
  2. Learn to self-comfort – this is by far the most useful skill to help your brain rewire into feeling more safety when it comes to letting go and changing your programming codes to hold onto the past.
  3. Create your own Affirmations (repeat daily) or a Ceremony where you declare that Your Higher Self (Your Truest Best Version of Yourself) is the only one in charge of your body, cells and DNA. Declare yourself FREE to make choices in each New Moment. Declare that from now on your Highest Version of you (Soul/Higher Self) will choose for your Highest Good how you respond to life.
  4. To start breaking the addiction patterns in your familial thinking/being, use this affirmation each morning and evening: “I Surrender to the Power of Now. In this Now I grow my power to choose new ways of being, feeling and thinking. I let go of the past and open to seeing new possibilities for myself in life.”
  5. Feel free to reach out for a Deep Dive into your personal Journey around this or join workshops/group work I do to help people release unconscious addictive patterns that hold them back and limit their growth and thriving!

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*For more scientific info on structured water

Why You might get Doubts or Anxiety before taking steps towards something Really Good for You.

Whenever we’re about to make any serious changes in our lives, our old patterns (held in the basic survival part of our brain and nervous system) are coded to protect us from any potential danger. So they put up all types of resistance to protect the nervous system from overwhelm. However, this is why change can be so hard and ultimately this protection doesn’t work if you wish to keep evolving.

The trick is to learn to:

A ) distinguish your Heart Truth from your old fear-based emotions and thoughts;

B ) soothe yourself when you get triggered by change, and not let the fear (anxiety, sudden doubts and odd tiredness or weird external circumstance*) stop you – and keep taking the actions you know in your heart are good for you🙏

This is very hard for all of us to master.

It takes knowledge and practice to understand this for yourself and then learn to apply it every time you’re about to do something very new 🙏🤍

This is why a lot of people have some:




Poor planning


Sudden doubts


*and even external events might pop out of nowhere to seemingly tell you ‘no’

When I lead my clients into their full unfolding as their most authentic powerfully soulful selves, these are some of the most life-changing skills I teach. This way my clients are finally able to make the changes they desired for so long but struggled to!

All guilt and self beating-up get dealt with, drama reduced and overthinking subsides. Life is more manageable and the person can now also release habits and beliefs around not being good at “life” or changes! 🙏

If this is something you struggle with and would love to learn to grow through – get in touch through the Form HERE or Book a Free Call with me HERE 💚

Your Needs Lead You to Your Highest Vitality

If you’ve been a little more tired, flat or maybe more introverted than usual over the last couple of days – welcome to the new moon this month!

My invite would be to surrender to what your body is calling for, and REST as much as you can or choose to make time for. To acknowledge your NEEDS as something you are born here to have – not to overcome but to evolve THROUGH.

I’ve come across a repetitive theme of ACCEPTANCE this month: acceptance of all we are – likable or not, of our HUMANNESS, of all that life presents us with.

Because when we do – we accept important aspects of Reality, we unite fully with all the energy and pathways to manage our vitality for our best creativity and joy here in life.

With this in mind, going back to a new moon being a “new beginning” and a clean slate, being completely dark (with the bright sun right behind it) – this Darkness becons us to own and release/transmute our shadows. To own the shadows is to own all you love or dislike about your inner experience and you. So you are landing into Reality – both seen and unseen, having Truth on your side.
So that you can stop using up precious energy to hide, pretend, project or run away from something inside you’d rather not have.
The New Moon welcomes us into a Deeper Truth: the Unknown, New, Sacred and Desired – in simpler and clearer ways.

I wonder how your expereince of the New Moon has been (the latest one or in general)?