Staying Happy and Confident – No Matter What! Workshop 30th September 7 pm – 8:30 pm

Staying Happy and Confident
No Matter What!
Healing Workshop

This Thursday clear Blocks and Learn a Simple Daily 5-7 minute energy process that can help lift you out of insecurities, anxiety, worry and into Peace, Self-Belief & Confidence.Most people know that to Manifest what we want in life, we need to Imagine and feel Good about it FIRST in order to Attract & Act towards the goal!

However, we were taught that first we had to struggle (feel bad until we get the goal) in order to then feel Good about ourselves…

hence we are trapped in this frustrating unhappy cycle!

it is So Much EASIER to enjoy taking action once we feel Good, than push ourselves into action while feeling unworthy & doubtful.

To break this cycle, I invite you to a very Special Workshop & Healing event that will both Clear blocks and help Activate your Innate Ability to let in the Good Feelings! No Matter what’s going on around you.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 30th 7 pm – 8:30 pm GMT
In Person: at the Lake Shore Healing Centre, Blessington, Eire

I have used this process many times over to pull me (once literally off the floor crying) into feeling Light, Happy and Ready for Action!

And – full disclaimer – it does take Practicing this process daily after the workshop to raise your vibes consistently & create a habit of Feeling Good as your baseline.

We will begin at 7 pm (doors open at 6:45 pm) and end at 8:30 pm plus some add-on questions & an optional cup of tea after the workshop.

Excited to see you there! :)

To Enroll: Pay for the workshop below (I will see your payment immediately and confirm your spot within a few hours), if you do not hear from me – email me.

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