Solstice 2020 Healing Codes from fear to Freedom live Activation on Zoom

Solstice 2020 Power Codes
21st December 7 pm GMT

As a special time of December 21st nears, I am so happy to share with you the “Codes of Liberation and Truth” that have been steadily coming in for me and the people I work with this year!

Practically speaking, these codes are about evolving from the unconscious reactions to our environment in the “old way” of fear, worry, despair, control, cynicism, anger – and into the new ways of being Confident, Creative and Excited about Life regardless of what shows up: yes, I truly know that WE CAN BE THIS POWERFUL and HAPPY!

As the outside world seems to be less and less stable – at the energy level of our Consciousness, I perceive more and more Stability coming in to equip us in Powerfully Creating the New Reality we dream of and desire in our Hearts!

I know that it may sound crazy, especially if you are currently not feeling light and cheery and are processing the “old codes” of hurt, fear and anger – I get it, as I had intense periods of these in 2020 too. However, they come up to be changed and as everything is changing faster-than-ever, we can now move into a stable, cofident, strong, free, creative and happy state of being on a much more permanent basis!

This December Solstice is a powerful window of opportunity to transform and create what we desire, 21 December 2020 is considered by some to be the True Beginning of the Age of Aquarius: a new era of human history of PEACE and LOVE – so we can utilise this time to shed more of the old and open up and integrate the new!

I am writing to you with an ever-brightening Warmth, Light & Love in my Heart – to joyfully invite you to a Beautiful Ceremony of “uplevelling Yourself” during this Solstice into embodying more of the Real POWERFUL YOU.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday (or Monday morning, if you are in NZ or Oz) – With All My Love!


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