Raw Living Foods: Boost Your Energy, Health, Beauty in Minutes Every Day with Easy Raw Recipes! :)

Learn the Recipes and Sneaky Tactics to Change your Cravings around food with Minimum Efforts! :)

Need new ideas and inspiration for this year?

Having Bad cravings for Sugary foods?

Confused about Raw and Living Foods?

[See under the poster for more details on how this workshop can help you!:)]

Kamillas RAW course JAN 2013

What we will cover on the day :

~ All the Delicious Meals we make will go straight into your tummies!
~ How to start getting healthier straight away without changing your Whole Diet!

~ Benefits of Raw Foods
~ How to start eating MORE RAW straight away at home and out & about!
~ Learn substitutes for bread, cake dough, sugar.
~ Learn SIMPLEST & DELICIOUS dishes that will keep you buzzing with energy and make you feel great!
~ T
he Key Foods that heal and how to be able to live life, enjoy going out and not have to compromise on your health!

This Workshop is particularly useful for those who:

~ have tried ‘New Year Food Resolutions’ and they don’t quite last the whole year!
~ are unwell and feel that eating better can benefit your health;
~ would like to slim down or get more energy;
~ would like their kids to eat more greens and veggies :)
~ have allergies and cannot eat wheat, gluten or dairy.


The Living Menu will include (and not limited to):

~ Lemon Ice-cream~
~ Lime Chocolate Mousse~
~ Raw Chocolates~
~ Mushroom Alfredo Pasta~
~ Raw  Soup ~
~ Raw ‘Lunch-or-dinner in 5 minutes’ Nutritious Dish ~
~ A ‘Surprise’ Green Smoothie ~
~ Raw Cheese ~

An Investment: (Includes semi-organic meals & desserts) – $69

Where and When: 26nd December 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in Glen Eden

To Enroll: Please text or call 022 1931 879