Restore & Rejoyce: Gates to Energetic Abundance Workshop online & in Naas


R e s t o r e + R e j o y c e
Activate Your Greatness Series

May 28th 10:30 am – 12 pm

Love to be more energised for things you need and love in your life?

Our society promotes the idea that in order to have what you want you have to work hard, strive, hustle and rest only when exhausted or “when you are dead” ;).
As a result, your nervous system might be set into a survival baseline mode where you struggle to feel stable, energised, inspired and happy. When you try to change that and take new actions, your “inner baseline” can feel overwhelmed and actually sabotage your attempt to feel replenished, relaxed, inspired and happy.

Join me live or in replay for ninety minutes of deep nurturing and recalibrating healing work so you can walk away with the new energetic baseline that is set to feeling more natural around being energised and comfortable, so you have more vitality in all areas of your life!

What you receive when you sign up:

  • 90-minute workshop and the Replay which you can watch again and again to deepen into being more energised;
  • A “Gates to Energetic Abundace” Activation Meditation, which you can listen to anytime to bring you out of lower frequencies;
  • Crystal singing Bowl high frequency healing + salt crystal cleansing which will be present in the enrgetic signature of this workshop.

Just some of what we will cover:

  • replenish your energy reserves and soothe your nervous, cerebral and genetic energetic systems to allow it to feel supported, blessed and relaxed;
  • gently shift and realign your human being systems into a space that feels naturally connected to your aliveness, inspiration and connection with life at large;
  • disconnect from the old identity of tiredness and lack;
  • receive and recalibrate your connection points with Joy, Satisfaction, Pleasure, Comfort and Ease;
  • anchor and settle into this new way of being;

    either online from the comfort of your home, or at the Salt Cave on mats or in the comfy lounge chairs under blankets…
    Let the crystalline nature of salt magnify your experience of purification, cleansing and nurture, so you recharge your energy to enjoy life to the fullest!

Please pay for the course, and then fill out the form below to register.
Payments: Revolut to +353872861257 or text to do a Bank Transfer. Or else pay below. Consessions available: please contact for more information.


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