RAW Living Dairy + Gluten-Free Recipes to make at home: Fast, Simple and Delicious!

Having Trouble with Dairy Products? Can’t have milk, cheese, gluten or sugar for health reasons?

You don’t have to give them up! :) You can make your CREAMY delicious CHEESECAKE and Totally Eat it! :)) Made from ingredients that are good for you, easy to digest and taste Divine!  IMG_4790

Learn FAST & EASY ways (3-10 minutes!) to make RAW DAIRY-FREE Milk, CHEESE, Creamy Desserts, Ice-cream + CAKE & BISCUITS, PASTA which are good for you & take just minutes to make!


This workshop will equip you to be able to confidently make in a matter of minutes COMPLETELY DAIRY-FREE, Gluten-free and Sugar-free [no flour, no milk, no sugar!] dishes which give you energy, make you feel great, easy to digest, contribute to weight loss & you don’t have to spend much time making! :)

This workshop is focusing on DAIRY + Some Flour-replacements (for the cakes, bisquits and pasta).

On the Menu:

~ Raw Lemon Cheesecake ~

~Raw Cheese: crackers, pizza or as a cheese sauce – 15 min ~

~ Raw Cream ~

~ Raw Rawviolli Pasta ~

~ Raw Creamy Vanilla Biscuits: 10 min ~

~ Raw Milk : 3 min ~

~ Raw Milk 2nd Option -easy 10 min ~

~ Raw ‘I can’t believe it’s not’ Yogurt 5 min to make ~

~Raw Cheese sprinkle – 3 minutes ~

~ Raw “aged” Parmesan – 4 min ~

~ Raw-licious Ice-Cream..mmm ~

The Price (includes all food costs): $49

Location: Glen Eden

Date and Time: Saturday 15th February 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.