Raise Your Vibes for Good: A Daily Immersive Transformation Course.

BECOME who You Wish to Be
LEARN how to Truly Change
ANCHOR a Daily Light Practice

Be Held in the Light, Healing & Channelled Guidance

Transform Yourself & Your Life Course – 45-Day Challenge to Raise Your Vibration to a permanently High Level.– Have you ever taken a workshop and found you felt great for a few days after but then your life sort of went back to its “normal” (often not so great) ways?This 45-Day *Challenge* 6-week Workshop is a supportive network of like-minded people, who will embark together onto a collaborative and creative journey to change who they are – individually and together.Each week there will be an Activating & Healing channeling Session to anchor new energies and practical skills to keep Your Inner Light shining bright and strong.It includes a 15-minute one-to-one session with Kamilla mid-course to clear deep-seated blocks in establishing a clear and vibrant sense of Your Powerful Light Self.
– Join us for a 45-Day Challenge to change how you feel about who you are. This is an essential first step and a solid daily practice to steadily change yourself and your life.-

clear Blocks and Learn a Simple Daily 5-7 minute energy process that can help lift you out of insecurities, anxiety, worry and into Peace, Self-Belief & Confidence.Most people know that to Manifest what we want in life, we need to Imagine and feel Good about it FIRST in order to Attract & Act towards the goal!

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 30th 7 pm – 8:30 pm GMT
In Person: at the Lake Shore Healing Centre, Blessington, Eire

I have used this process many times over to pull me (once literally off the floor crying) into feeling Light, Happy and Ready for Action!

And – full disclaimer – it does take Practicing this process daily after the workshop to raise your vibes consistently & create a habit of Feeling Good as your baseline.

We will begin at 7 pm (doors open at 6:45 pm) and end at 8:30 pm plus some add-on questions & an optional cup of tea after the workshop.

Excited to see you there! :)

To Enroll: Pay for the workshop below (I will see your payment immediately and confirm your spot within a few hours), if you do not hear from me – email me.

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