Manifesting Your Dreams from the Sacred Heart Space: a Healing Activation Workshop

Sacred Heart Space | A New Way to Manifest Reality

JULY 1st 7:30pm – 9pm On-Line OR at The Lakeshore Holistic Centre, Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


There is a Sacred (and often secret) Space of Love in our Hearts, the Ancients have called it Amun, this Sacred space is our Unconditional Love – tapping into this space creates much greater ease to manifest in our lives that which sparks our joy.

This is the space where we will begin our journey into 3 Powerful Activations around Manifesting what we wish or Co-Creating Reality.

There are 3 guided Activations of the Sacred Keys to Manifestation during this workshop:

~ A Silver Gold energy Recalibration within our DNA, so we can release historic and ancestral patterns of struggling and working hard to experience that which brings us joy. We can then become Magnetic to what we desire, rest in our natural energy of fulfilment instead of striving to create through sweat and tears.

~ The Sacred Heart Space – the place of pure, undiluted spirit power that most of us have forgotten about, or never consciously embodied. By returning to this Sacred Space, we awaken our dormant abilities to effortlessly manifest that which makes us joyous and happy.

~ Liberating from Attachment: keeping clarity but dropping urgency – the biggest block to living what makes us happy.

~ We will also collapse and clear blocks around struggle, effort and lack, so you can vibrate as that which you enjoy without doubts, heaviness or interruptions from your old habitual ways of thinking and being.

What you receive when you sign up:

  • 90-minute workshop;
  • A ‘Silver Gold Heart Manifesting Activation Meditation’ Recording, which you can listen to anytime to help you manifest what you desire;
  • The ‘Sacred Heart Space Meditation for Abundance’ Recording you can use time and time again to raise your frequency and manifest+magnetise that which you enjoy and love to experience to you.
  • The ‘Infinite Nature or Non-attachment Activation’ Recording – so you can remind yourself that you are free and so is everything in the world, which helps neutralise fear, frustration and worry around manifesting.
  • Crystal Singing Bowls Healing – to release habitual stress patterns (you will feel much more relaxed thanks to these wonderful sounds), to energetically shift lower thoughts and emotions towards higher resonance of acceptance and peace to help you dive into your heart and manifest from there.

*All recordings are LIVING, meaning they are gifting and giving equally powerfully when being recorded and when heard any time again.

*** Kamilla uses Sacred Sounding and Sacred Word Healing – as pure awareness, chanelled information, healing frequencies and also activated from her soul experiences. She blends various techiques, tools and energies in a unique way of delivering sacred insights, designed to quieten the mind so it can receive expansion of consciousness and release stuck energies such as trauma and negative emotional attachments.

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