Manifest Your Most Successful Life. Realignment through the Rites of Passage with Sacred Elements 28 Nov or 5th, 12th, 19th Dec


At key times of development: your Conception, Birth, Puberty & Adulthood, you can form distortions in your energy field – thus making your mind, emotions and body feel “out of place” in life.

In each workshop, you will move through a corrective ‘Rite of Passage’ Healing to be properly honoured, so your trauma distortions are released, and you can bring your True Power into your life. The Deep Realignment will happen through the Elemental Wisdom: Conception – Water; Birth – Air; Puberty – Fire; Adulthood (Leader) – Earth.

The 4 Elements comprise your body and the world around you, they affect all areas of your life: health, vitality, work decisions, relationships, abundance.

You can attend one or all four workshops to receive Deep Optimum Divine Alignment for your body, soul energy and life, so that you feel right, clear and happy to be who you are, doing what you love and with whom you love Fully.

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Manifest Your Life Fully Workshop

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