Through Loss and Separation to Joy, Confidence and Freedom


  • Let Go of the stress around past traumatic losses that’s been blocking your best present & future!
  • Learn how to confidently process any future feelings of Loss, Failure or Separation, so you’re unafraid to dare in life.
  • Feel Confident, Energised and Free to Dream Big & Take Action.
  • Feel Joy and Gratitude for being alive in a body on this Earthly journey!
  • Heal Ancestral DNA & open up to better relationships.
  • Feel more Peace around global events.
  • Release the Fear of Dying – so you’re not afraid to take charge of your life!
  • Feel joy of connection with Source/Universe,
  • Accept 100% immortality as consciousness.
  • Gain more clarity & boldness around your life purpose.

5 Transformaitonal Modules will consist of an Educational and a Healing Parts, so you get to understand & learn consciously and receive healing for deep subconscious limiting patterns and unresolved stress from the past.

March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 26th. (optional Introduction + Healing Session on Feb 23rd) starting at 7 pm UTC (Dublin/London time)


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