Past Workshops


RAW Un-Cooking Made SIMPLE ‘For Christmas and Beyond’ Workshop 22nd December 11 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in Glen Eden

This Workshop will Empower you to EASILY Make Lasting Changes in your Diet so you can improve how you feel and look and learn to Create very simple but incredibly delicious dishes in Minutes!

To Register for this workshop, please text 022 1931 879 or contact us through THIS LINK

Kamillas RAW course  DECDid you ever wonder WHY the majority of ‘diets’ or new year resolutions do not work?

In most cases there are 2 Key Reasons for this:

(1) Most people don’t know the simple mechanics behind being addicted to certain foods and therefore do not know how to break out of their food addictions and habits.

(2) People think that it takes TOO LONG to learn the NEW healthier alternatives because they sound too complicated or scary to try!

This Sunday you have a chance to learn to break out of those two and other ‘reasons’ and achieve what you want easily by:

(1) Learning the Easy Secrets of changing your cravings for “bad” foods in a few weeks or months.

(2) Learning how to make SIMPLE and DELICIOUS dishes that heal you – so that you are able to provide yourself with new good food EASILY – which can take less time than the conventional dishes!

(3) Knowing the Key Foods that heal and how to be able to live life, enjoy going out and not have to compromise on your health!

See the MENU below! :)

This Workshop is particularly useful for those who:

~ have tried ‘New Year Resolutions about Food’ and they didn’t work!
~ are unwell and feel that eating better can benefit your health;
~ would like to slim down or get more energy;
~ would like their kids to eat more greens and veggies :)
~ have allergies and cannot eat wheat, gluten or dairy.


What we will cover on the day :

~ How to start getting healthier straight away without changing your Whole Diet!
~ Benefits of Raw Foods
~How to start eating MORE RAW in the tatiest ways straight away at home and out & about!
~ Learn substitutes for bread, cake dough, sugar.
~ Learn to make Instant substitutes for dairy: cheese, yoghurt and cream in as little as 1-2 minutes!
~ Learn SIMPLEST & DELICIOUS dishes that will keep you buzzing with energy and make you feel great!


The Menu will include:

~ Jolly Christmas ‘Mulled Wine’~
~ Decadent Vanilla Almond Ice-cream~
~ Chocolate-Lemon Mousse~
~ Luxurious Chocolates~
~ Rawlicious Xmas Mince pies~
~ Raw Spaghetti~
~ Raw “Pea and Vegetable Soup”~
~’Lunch-or-dinner in 5 minutes’ Demo~
~ A ‘Surprise’ Green Smoothie~
~ Raw Cheese~

An Investment: (Includes 10-course semi-organic meal) – $65

Where and When: 22nd December 11 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in Glen Eden

To Enroll: Please text or call 022 1931 879


Nutritionally-Dense Cooking and Raw Vitality Workshop or “How to Change your diet without becoming a frustrated lunatic :)”

Sunday 21 October, 11 am – 3:30 pm, Clonee (Blanchardstown), Dublin 15.

Simple Cooking and Raw Course: Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free, Rejuvenating, Healing and Energy-Boosting Nutrition for All Ages. This is a workshop for anyone striving to make life healthier and simpler, anyone who had to cut out foods due to illness or allergies. Anyone who wishes to create healthier meals for their kids and sustain health long into the old age, for good! To avoid future illness, medical interventions, hospitals. This course is for anyone who wishes to improve the Quality of Life and Health. :) It is also a way to become Happier, more Joyful and Peaceful! :)

Especially useful for those who:

  • Cannot or Do not want to have Wheat, Dairy and Meat in their diet;
  • Are quite ill or have cancer or any other life-theratening illness; 
  • Tested for Allergies and don’t know what to eat now;
  • Are transitioning into raw lifestyle;
  • Are interested in improving their children’s diets – without the kids knowing that it’s happening ;)

“How to Change your diet without becoming a frustrated lunatic :))”

  • Wholesome Food – Fast Food? Create Mega-fast meals (15 minute dinners);
  • How not to take Multivitamins and supplements, get it all from food and build up your vitamin reserve in the body.
  • Help! I can’t have sandwiches – don’t know what to eat for lunch!
  • Avoiding Psychological Stress of changing your food: Easy approach where All by yourself, You will gradually want to live more and more on Energy-dense, True Nutrients – without pressure, torture or councelling ;).
  • Guilt-free, Delicious, Mouth-Watering and Fast-to-prepare Desserts!
  • No need for gruelling detoxes: Detoxing when you are eating.
  • Energy and athletic performance foods and recipes.
  • Cheese-substitutes in 5 minutes,
  • Make-it-yourself dairy-free milks.
  • How to live happilly ever “after bread”. :)))
  • Covered for any budget! Aldi, Lidle, Tesco, Dunnes, Supervalu, Health Stores, Markets)

I will share with you my secrets on how to cook MEGA fast, how to create wholesome-n-fast meals, how to incorporate important health-, immunity-, anti-cancer-recipes and foods into your diets without making it into a chore! We will cover many raw and cooked recipes, sample all of them, participate in their creation AND we will talk about many important digestion-cooking-uncooking principles for health.

As always all of the tasty recipes will be 90% Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, 6o%-70% raw. You will watch me prepare the meals with minimal participation from you (on demand from you only;). And we we all get to eat and drink everything we make on the day.

The Menu (What we will have on the day):
  1. Vanilla and Honeycomb Ice-Cream (false chocolate ice-cream).
  2. Superdelicious sugar-free 10-minute Chocolates.
  3. Raw Chocolate mousse and lemon mousse or Raw Mango Mouse Tarts we’ll vote at the start of class, but you get all 3 recipes.
  4. Winter Wellness Aromatic Comfort Soup.
  5. Wholesome 5-minute Lunches: 3 lunches shown.
  6. Alternative-sandwiches (Gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free: EASY TO MAKE!)
  7. 15-minute raw spaghetti carbonara.
  8. Dinner in 30 minutes: Piquant Quinoa and chick-pea Vegetable Ratatouille ….
  9. Dairy-free 5-minute spreadable cheese.
  10. Dairy-free milk you can make yourself: 10 minute preparation.
  11. Sparkling Ruby Juice.
  12. Delicious Pear Delight Green Smoothie or Immunity-hay-fever Frozen smoothie.
  13. 3 foods you should always include in your diet.
And More…

The Venu: Summerseat Court, Clonee Village (4 minutes from Blanchardstown Shopping Centre).
The Investment: €45
Time, Date and Duration: 11 am – 3:30 pm, 21 October, Sunday.
Bring with you: A Pen, Wear Comfortable Clothing to sit and eat in :))

Truly Wishing you all Radiance on All Levels!


21 October, 11 a.m. – 15:30 p.m.



Easy cooking class for Delicious Sugar-free, Wheat-free, Dairy-free Energy-boosting lifestyles!:)

I would like to offer you an experience of rejuvenating your body, changing your mind and embracing tiny changes that make a BIG DIFFERENCE! Healthier food in my world is EASY, FUN, takes almost no time and gives you a New You at the end of the small baby steps you can take right now into a healthier lifestyle!

Food should GIVE ENERGY, NOT make you WANT TO SLEEP! Learn to feed your body and mind, reduce stress and stay young with my “easy-to prepare anywhere” recipes!


Sacred Sound Workshop at the Sacred Uisneach Hill. Saturday 19 May 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Would you like to be part of a transformational Saturday of pure sacred stillness and sounds that vibrate you from head to toe, align you with your Spirit and Universal Divinity and learn how to do this anywhere anytime yourself? On Saturday 19, Kamilla Harra will be sharing a powerful and beautiful Sacred Sound Healing Workshop where we’ll be using ancient sacred vowels of Creation to transform, strengthen and heal in meditation. This is a wonderful event to relax, enjoy the deep healing and open up to more of you and your unique gifts to transform you and the World.

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