No More I-Owe-Yous: release your Debt-Consciousness & Step into Freedom

Light Activation into Freedom

Join in for the Light Activation into the Ultimate Power of Being in the NOW: Freedom of Choice!

Release obligation, duty, debt & lack consciousness – some of the biggest blocks to living freely, authentically and from your highest potential.

Enjoy all of your life – including the Holidays – unhook from the energy of oibligation to others & other people’s traditional ways of “celebrating” e.g. stress around Xmas…

You cannot have full choice in the current moment, if you are bound by obligation or duty from your past.

The Light Guides and Kamilla will guide you through releasing stuck energy of obligation, lack/debt mentality in your whole field and in specific areas of your life. Opening you into the Unlimited Potential to be, have and do what you Truly Desire. Even in challenging situations.

  • Activate higher levels of Health, Abundance, Self Worth, Love and Confidence to make decisions that work for your highest good.
  • Release personal, soul, family, societal and collective energy of past contracts. Either ‘being forever in somebody’s debt’ or feeling like others owe you your power: money, love, support, health, resources, information, etc.
  • Clear energetic debt & lack in your energy field on all levels – financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, multi-dimentionally.
  • Expand beyond people-pleasing, co-dependancy, victim consciousness, weak boundaries into being and acting with integrity with yourself.
  • Learn to attune to the Current Unlimited you: all you can be, do or have!
  • Let go of fear, worry, guilt and shame, so you can receive clear information in each moment, and receive what you need & desire in every area of your life!
  • Release all shoulds, musts, have-tos, so you feel Fully Alive in Each Moment!

No More I-Owe-Yous Workshop €21

Liberate Yourself from Guilt, Despair and Debt Consicousness. Open up to Unlimited Potential to be, have and do what you truly Desire.


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