Manifesting Your Dreams from the Sacred Heart Space: a Healing Activation Workshop

Sacred Heart Space
A New Way to Manifest Reality

JUNE 24th 7:30pm – 9pm Healing Cob House,
Donard, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

There is a Sacred (and often secret) Mystery Space of Love in our Hearts, the Ancients have called it Amun, when we start to consciously engage and live from this space, we magnetise higher harmony around us, with no effort, just by joyously vibrating as that which we would love to experience and naturally taking actions that flow from our heart and animate our body to bring us what we desire.

In this workshop, the Light Council will guide us through two Sacred Processes: A Silver Gold energy Recalibration within our DNA, so we can release historic and ancestral patterns of struggle and working hard to have what we want. We can then become Magnetic to what we desire, rest in our natural energy of fulfilment instead of having to go and physically strive to create through sweat and tears.

Secondly, we will activate and reconnect with the Sacred Heart Space – the place of pure, undiluted spirit power that most of us have forgotten about, or never consciously embodied. By returning to this Sacred Space, we awaken our dormant abilities to effortlessly manifest that which makes us joyous and happy.

We will also collapse and clear blocks around struggle, effort and lack, so you can vibrate as that which you desire without the doubts, heaviness or interruptions from your old habitual ways of thinking and being.

What you receive when you sign up:

  • 90-minute workshop;
  • A “Silver Gold Heart Manifesting” Activation Meditation Recording, which you can listen to anytime to help you manifest what you desire;
  • Crystal Singing Bowls high frequency healing as part of the overall experience;

Please pay for the course, and then fill out the form below to register.
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