Loving Tones – A Group Healing with Sacred Sound, Toning and Heart Opening Work for Dissolving Limitations

Our Next Instalment of the Toning and Consciousness ‘play’ :) will be about self-love, removing obstacles in the way of what your Heart truly wishes to achieve and reconnecting with the More Heart-centred you for Strength and power in your every day life.

Uplift, clear and recharge yourself in vibrant healing waves of sacred sound and harmony with Kamilla Harra and Sacred Solfeggio tuning forks.  BlRrtQ7CUAAFTHz.jpg medium

Sound can be used to experience deep levels of healing by tuning your body back to its fundamental healthy Life frequency, to your true rhythm. Kamilla’s ability to connect and carry through her voice the highest frequencies of divine order and harmony for deep transformation, healing and consciousness together with the tuning forks bring harmony to places which are ‘out of tune’ in people’s bodies, minds and emotions. The experience of Sacred Solfeggio & highest frequencies toning are deeply relaxing and recharging: relieving stress, increasing physical energy levels, cellular healing, removing past stresses and traumas, balancing the brain and nervous system, reconnecting to higher states of consciousness. Investment: An Introductory Special Rate to East West Organics Clinic $15 per person only! Location: East West Organics Therapy Centre, 34D Portage Rd, New Lynn 0600, Auckland Date & Time: 3 July, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. To Enroll: reply to this email or text Kamilla on 022 1931 879   “I attended a sacred sound workshop that Kamilla was facilitating. It was a very powerful and healing experience, the cells of my body literally buzzed with delight after the workshop! I then invited Kamilla to host a similar workshop at my healing centre and it too was very powerful, healing and energizing. If you get the chance I would definitely encourage you to try out any similar workshops Kamilla facilitates, in my opinion, you will not be disappointed.” Shane Pearson, Mullingar, Ireland.