Kinesiology (Systematic)

Systematic Kinesiology checks the response from a person’s body through muscle-testing to find the reasons why it is unwell (physically, emotionally) and also the precise steps towards resolving it.
This therapy allows for very precise communication with the person’s body system intelligence – in a way, it is a completely client-led therapy, as the body-energy system knows what it needs to feel well and restore balance.
Instead of treating symptoms, Kinesiology addresses the ROOT CAUSE of your being out of balance, treating a person truly holistically: nutritionally, biologically, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

For the last Systematic Kinesiology has been very successful at treating a variety of ailments and imbalances, sometimes very hard to diagnose conditions.

This is for you, if you:
– feel unwell, done tests and still don’t know what’s wrong;
– want to optimise your diet and self-care to have optimal energy and health levels;
– have skin conditions, digestive problems; headaches, body pain; suspect allergies but not sure what to avoid; auto-immune conditions; phobias, anxiety, stress;

Holistic Food Sensitivity Test using Kinesiology (an example for muscle-testing):