Integrative Sessions

Integrative Sessions are very successful as they offer a truly diverse and holistic way of resolving any health and well-being problems. In these sessions kinesiology, nutritional approaches, body-alignment, cranio-sacral, healing, vibrational sound and emotion-balancing therapies are interlinked and are used together.

Through very quick kinesiology testing it is easy to identify which therapeutic techniques are most needed and whether they should be used individually or several should be applied to work synergistically for a particular issue. These are always tested against the mind-body-energy system (You) to ensure that the combination and sequence is exactly what you require to balance and restore whatever it is that you are going through.

This method allows for deeper and more permanent changes to take place during and after treatments, providing lasting results and shifts in how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally in your life, work and in your heart.