HALF-DAY workshop & Feast on Fast Raw Lunches, Snacks and Desserts you & your family will love!

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Would you like to know how to make delicious and Fast meals that heal, give you energy
and remove cravings for sugar, fat or salty foods?

Learn the Basic Rules of giving your body what it truly craves

in an Efficient and Time-saving way
NO dieting or calory-counting.

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  • If you are new to the workshops – you will equip yourself with new ways to start making real changes without sacrifice with joy and ease, and learn many little dishes and tips that are important if you or your family have food sensitivities, cravings or wish to vastly improve health! :)
  • If you are a seasoned attendee to this series of workshops,then apart from the above, you will hear new information 
    on sugar-balancing & regulating your metabolism, plus how to re-educate your body by doing
    simple cooked-n-raw no-diet ‘spring clean for 2 weeks’.
The information is easy to understand and will amuse children and adults – plenty of funny pictures ;)
and the recipes are truly so simple – a child could make them! :)

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Kick the Cravings: sugar, dough and fat.

  • Tired and Cranky : start healing this now.

  • Weight Struggles: how to remove using food.

  • Health issues you may have: strategy for particular illness.

  • New Motivation and Inspiration.

  • Feel Great in short time: with Magic Foods.

* * *
We will feast on
Exciting &
Delicious Healing Raw Recipes:

Below are just some of the dishes you will taste and learn how to make Entirely Raw:

  • Breadless Lunch Rolls – two types
  • Creamy Tomatoe Soup
  • Power-n-Beauty Chocolate energy bars
  • Dairy-free amazing instant Raw-gurt
  • Energising Smoothie
  • Detox-me Delicious Frozen desserts
  • ‘Oh, You’re glowing’ pesto
  • 5-minute Lunch
  • Hot Chocolate + ‘Coffee-holic’s Respite’
  • Raw Mayonnaise
  • Alternatives to popcorn + healthy crisps
  • Toppings, salad dressings and sauces to make each dish slightly different each day! :))
  • Tons of Tips, ideas and little useful ‘know-hows’ to help you make snacks and lunches a breeze! :)

Prepare BELLY ROOM – you will be fed aplenty  – as always! :)

17th April, 1:30 pm – 5: 00 pm

The Novara Centre, Bray

€50 {includes a 7+course meal}

April Special: add ‘Amazing Raw Un-Bake Desserts’ workshop and pay €85 for both
{must be paid by 15th April}