Through Loss and Wound of Separation to Joy, Confidence and Freedom: 5-Part Transformational Journey Course

If you are worried about your future – you are still holding onto unresolved Past Stress and it stops you from expanding into new learning experiences because your subconsicous thinks that you are still in the midth of the old stress!

Just magine how amazing it would be if you:

  • Let Go of the stress around past traumatic losses that’s been blocking your best life!

  • Learn how to confidently process any future Loss, Failure & Separation, so you’re unafraid to dare in life.

  • Feel Confident, Energised and Free to Dream Big & Take Action.

  • Feel Joy and Gratitude for being alive in a body on this Earthly journey!

  • Heal Ancestral DNA & open up to better relationships.

  • Feel more Peace around global events.

  • Release the Fear of Dying – so you’re not afraid to take charge of your life!

  • Feel joy of connection with Source/Universe,

  • Accept 100% immortality as consciousness.

  • Gain more clarity & boldness around your life purpose.

When we believe we can’t ‘handle’ certain experiences but they happen anyway, we contract instead of growing, feel stuck and start resisting or surviving against life, not expanding with it.

In practical terms it may manifest as uneasiness about being by yourself, feeling stuck and uninspired, lack of self-confidence, procrastination, self-sabotage, persistent sadness or anxiety.

Let go of the belief that you ‘cannot handle or process emotionally charged situations’ and Learn to ‘complete’ your experiences so that they “make you” instead of it feeling like they “broke you”.

The course consists of 5 Deeply Transformational Sessions or Modules. Each Session includes The Educational Part and The Deep Healing Part – so you can learn and gain confidence in transforming your past and future challenges, and you get to heal and change your subconsicous limiting beliefs to have more Freedom, Energy and Confidentce to live your life to the fullest!

This course will be run Live once a week and will be recorded. Recordings will be available for all sessions, so you can anchor more of what you need each time you listen. These are “living” recordings – meaning they are going to be gateways to slightly different high-frequency energies & information you require each time you listen.

Modules are 2-2.5 Hours long with a break. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 26th of March  7 pm (London, Dublin time).

Module I: UNDERSTANDING. March 2nd

  • Emotional anatomy: A path to feeling confident in life with much less fear.

  • The Biggest Human Fears: become more aware, powerful and masterful in any situation.

  • Emotional Consciousness Scale – to help you process challenging emotions, so you move on in life unburdened by the past.

  • 4 Stages of Healing and Conscious Evolution: create a personal robust system of living, growing and thriving.

  • The Gifts of Grief: understanding how you can Grow instead of shrink in fear through Loss, Failure and Separation of any kind.

  • Creating Safety, Stability and Sustainability for the process of releasing and growing.

  • Human growth through Duality: learn to speed up human learning and growing with less suffering and pain.

  • Channelled Healing: Soul Realignment – Trust, Love and Safety. Uniting the Light and Shadow of experience.

Week II: THE KNOW-HOW. March 9th

    • Get the Tools, Know-How and Practical Learning to be able to let go of the past emotions of Loss + new ones.

    • Learn to Elevate above Suffering..

    • Learn to Look for Light and Shadow: so you feel safe and secure in every situation.

    • Limiting Identity. Tools and Healing around limiting beliefs and programming.

    • Recognising Resistance: tools for growing beyond fear and limitations.

    • How to Receive Help from Your Higher Self and The Universe.

    • Channelled Healing: Working with the biggest Fears and Blockes – Sorrow, Regret, Guilt and Denial. Embracing Light and Shadow.

    • Daily Confidence Boost Technique. Working with your Mindset and Energetic Alignment.

Week III: THE HEALING. March 17th

    • Heal Ancestral Grief. Restore a  Loving Connection with your Kin and all human-kindness.

    • Learn to grieve consciously, meaningfully and with joy.

    • Deep Healing Experience to honour and move through grief into expansion, joy and gratitude.

    • If you don’t have the Freedom of Expression, then you don’t have freedom at all. Even if you were taught that showing feelings is not Okay, the Emotion of Grief is a great Equalizer – it is raw, tender and expansive to everyone, it is a powerful experience that is a part of us, which means it can give us power when we willingly surrender and explore it.

    • The keening tradition – allows to give voice, movement, meaning and outward expression to this powerful energy of Life, so that it doesn’t get lodged within our cells pushing and screaming for decades from within, but instead allows it to flow, move and en-lighten us more fully of our physical and spiritual nature. It helps to give framework and permission for something primal to finally run its course, so we may find relief and wisdom of having gone through this.

    • The Ceremony allows us to stop being lost, distracted, apologetic, inauthentic and become mature, present, embodied and courageous in our humanness.

    • Channelled Healing Activation of Human Kindness & Universal Connection.

    • Channelled Healing Ceremony: Presence, embodiment, self-honouring, honouring of those who used to be embodied, healing genetic lineage, transcending fear and shame, expressing the Truth.

    • Honouring the beloved who left life forms. Healing Connection beyond form.

    • Personal Healing Ritual Creation workshop – attune to your own way of “saying goodbye” moving forward.

Week IV: BECOMING. March 23rd

    • The “Expulsion from Paradise” is the start of Duality and Indivi-duality. How to move from Survival & Fear into Free Will & Manifesting!

    • Shift your awareness, mind and energy into being able to sense and know that you are always connected to the Love and Wisdom of the Universe and you can trust it.

    • Release pent-up pain and anger towards “God”, Source or Life itself for any suffering you’ve had here.

    • Learn the Main tools to Recover Your Authentic Self.

    • Learn to support yourself and work with feelings of loneliness, attachment and longing.

    • Rebuild a Stable and Comforting Connection with the Universe.

    • Channelled Healing Celebrating Oneness, Uniqueness, Renewal and Connection.

Module V: COMPLETION. Q & A. March 26th

    • Questions.

    • Individual Spiritual  Practical Coaching.

    • Completion Blessing.

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5 Deeply Transformational Modules that include The Education Segment + Deep Healing. February 23rd (Optional Introduction), + March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 26th March. Starting at 7 pm UTC (Ireland/UK), 2 pm New York, 8 am New Zealand.

    • Disclamer: The information and processes described on this page and contianed in this course are not substitutes for medical diagnoses, treatments or medical care. By enrolling into this course, you take full responsibility for any feelings, emotions and sensations you may experience during or after this course.