Conscious Wholeness™

Conscious Wholeness™ is a healing evolutionary process of becoming more of who you are: more peaceful, joyful, healthy and energised by all of you and all of life. It taps into the natural law of consciousness evolution in a human form – to become more. It can aid with any type of challenge – around relationships, believing in yourself, overwhelm and addictive behaviours, creativity and work, money and safety.
Conscious Wholeness™ is a conscious process of healing & growing as a person: you are fully present as you become familiar with deeper parts of who you are – both infinitely powerful and some that need help to become free from trauma and return back to you fully re energised. Along with healing that is aided by Kamilla’s wholeness and the Light, you also experience your own power, activate your own potential, learn how to use it to become more powerful and resilient in life – you become your own person to love, trust and rely on.

The root meaning of the word heal literally means to “make whole“. A lot of who we can be is hidden under suppressed emotional energy and trauma, it’s as if our life energy is stuck. Conscious Wholeness™ allows to tap into these places of “separate” hidden energy, and – through a process of integration and freedom – let go of stagnation, trauma and limiting beliefs, so we are renourished by life energy in all of who we are. We become more wholesome, healthy, energised, peaceful and joyful.

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The Story behind Conscious Wholeness™:

I often felt completely peaceful, whole and connected with all that is when I worked with people – in this state, I received information about what I need to say and do to help my clients shift what was causing them pain and open up to their natural healing as well as the vibrant wholeness available to everybody as part of being Alive. I noticed that what I was doing with people was always roughly 3-fold: let them know it is not their fault (whatever it is); help them experience a conscious connection with their inner transcendent self (higher self, soul); guide and show them how to release uncomfortable emotions and sensations in their body and their energy fields.

As a person who trained in several very amazing modalities that help people regain well-being, I realised that what I was doing was not taught to me by any modality. I was naturally receiving awareness from all that is: human beings that came to me for help, natural life that we are all a part of, universal intelligence that governs and runs through absolutely everything. The more expanded and connected with everything I was – the easier it was to see what was needed and how I can help each person.

I then realised that I have to have a name to explain what I was doing – as my own clients were asking me and some people were asking to teach them. So I expanded into the Universe and checked through awareness the best resonating words in English that would reflect what happens in my work. What came very clearly and straight away was conscious wholeness – becoming one with oneness of all that is consciously. The words further helped me understand what was being done through me to help others and myself.

To find out more about CW, check out the interview I did with the ZeroPointHealing Project below:
*Since the interview, many more Light codes of Oneness have been added, along with more processes, so the interview reflects just a part of the Conscious Wholeness™ Approach.

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