Coming Home to Your Power Course

Being powerful is not an achievement, it is your True Nature.

You are born as a powerful Co-Creator & Contributor to all life on this planet and the Universe. You are worthy and capable of all your heart’s dreams & desires. It is Okay if you don’t feel it all the time or not at all: we are all currently transcending the limitations that humanity have believed in and played under for thousands of years.

Realising your true nature and living the life that widens and shifts to adjust to you has never been as collectively important as it is today: with so much of the world undergoing massive changes, our old beliefs crack, our smallness comes out, our fears tremble as we are attempting to grow up, and our old goal posts disappear with no new certainty to take their place…. The change that is rocking the world collectively IS indeed individual, as it calls for each person to be truly free from the old beliefs and trauma, it also requires a great inner desire to be Fully Expressed, Loved, Self-Accepted, Comforted, Encouraged, to live and grow with Ease, to let go of the habit to struggle and to move in a Collaborative dance with the Universe.

To be happy in the ‘old world way’, we needed some Awareness, Fire, Water, Air and Ground which sustained our life. The happiness in the ‘new world’ requires that we actually start mastering the same four elements in many areas of life that were formely left to a select few or to God alone without our creative input. Which means that in order to be happy today you need to be significantly more powerful & self-aware than even twenty years ago.

So in this course, each week is a Powering Up Step, a Journey through an essential element that will help liberate you from your past and your current limitations: in areas of self-worth, love, relationships, career, money, security, self-expression, spiritual awareness, places to live and the lifestyle you’d like to have. The Universe-through-me will guide you through transformative processes, educational information and practical techniques to bring you deeper into wholeness with yourself, so that you can live & express yourself more through your Truth and Power on a daily basis. This is the entry point into Conscious Wholeness with all-that-is vibrating with Harmony, Joy, Ease, Love and Comfort.

If this resonates: it would be a true delight to guide & co-create with you some real empowerment on this 5-week journey.

Week One: I am ONE with All.
I am Infinite, Unique & Never Wrong.

– An Empowered Truth about the type of the Universe you choose to live in.

– Stepping into Your True Nature: Reconnection Attunement to Your Infinite Self.

– Turning tables on trauma: learn basic principles of resolving unfinished stories of your life to heal & discover your hidden powers.

– Learn to Listen, Ask and Receive. Teaching on the Two Levels of Creation: start creating with ease, joy, support, kindness, inspiration and guidance.

Medicine for confusion and feeling lost: Conscious Wholeness – I am Everything. I Have everything I Need.

* * *

Week Two: Fire – I am Powerful

– Power versus Force: playing with fire can be safe and necessary for your evolution.

– How to move from control, abuse to being ‘powered up’: topped up, charged up, radiant.

Frustration, anger, exhaustion, fatigue, irritation – how to use them to top up your energy.

– Understanding Choice – the Core of Your Power.

– Medicine for Stalling, playing small and procrastinating.

– Medicine for feeling insecure: Sacred Statements of Power.

* * *

Week Three: Water – I am Changing

– Learning to be real (ly powerful): receiving power from happy or sad emotions.

Emotions: useful communication codes for your soul and personality.

– Tears & Sadness: the pivotal point of big change, healing and liberating your power.

– Fear as an agent for expansion, love, comfort and courage.

– Abundance, Intuition and Inspiration. How to flow and receive in the overflow.

– Medicine for being stuck: I Surrender, Receive and Let Go into the Infinite Flow.

* * *

Week Four: Air – I am Free

– Magic Breath Techniques for instant confidence, healing and change.

How to have more Space for You: to rest, create, change, re-configure, generate, attract and heal.

– Becoming Truly Free: shape-shifting like clouds to unjudge yourself & others for good.

Quitting the Habit of Wrongness: letting go of Blame and Guilt:.

Start becoming the Infinite Potential of Your Being and All in the Universe.

– Medicine for distrust, indecision and low self-worth: I am More than Plenty.

* * *

Week Five: Earth – I Matter

– How to ground and make real your dreams, desires, inspirations and goals with ease.

Simplicity + inspired action versus struggle + burn out: how to stop pushing & start caring.

Changing habits that no longer serve you.

Helpful Cycles as a part of Life. How to create with naturally-occuring creative cycles in Nature & the Universe.

Intuition and grounded guidance as part of your embodiment, self-expression and action steps.

Willpower that loves and rewards you, not punishes you.

Medicine for fear and procrastination: It feels Safe to Be & Express Myself Here.

* * *

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  • Disclamer: The information and processes described on this page and contianed in this course are not substitutes for medical diagnoses, treatments or medical care. By enrolling into this course, you take full responsibility for any feelings, emotions and sensations you may experience during or after this course.