Winter Solstice 2021

It is time for the light in you to shine brightly all the time.

Join Kamilla and the Guiding & Healing Unity of Light in a channelled purification and upleveling of your energy and mind systems into multidimensional possibilities that you are yet to make reality. This Recording will be particularly useful and pogniant for all of the 2022 and for a few months into 2023.

This is an expansion and activation of Light Codes of Love and Empowerment, that open your everyday consciousness to start living from beyond the 3-5th dimensions, into the gifts of your 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th-dimensional self.

The festival of Solstice has been celebrated around the planet for thousands of years – and is often considered to be the true beginning of a new year. During this time, the way the sun interacts with the Earth changes dramatically, and this is often seen as a potent opportunity to shed one way of being and emrace the new with more ease, flow and confidence.

a series of Light activations or love-based changes in our human DNA, that allow up-levelling of our energy ‘structures’ in mental and emotional systems. From a practical perspective, we then can have a much lighter experience in this time of Great changes. This session will help us anchor more “expressions” of Light, Joy and Peace at all levels of our consciousness and body awareness. As the Light Guidance have put it:
“When you live as the Light that you truly are – in your mind, awareness and resonance, there is no room for prolonged heavy states of anger, worry or fear. This also means that you are immune from anybody else’s agenda that’s built on these heavier frequencies.”.

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Become the Light in your Life Solstice Activation €11

Embrace and become your Spirit’s Light to feel more powerful, able, loving and happy in your life.


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