Awaken and Live as your Soul Self – Free Worldwide Ascension Gateway Codes Activation

As part of the Sacred Soul
Ascension Support 2022

Saturday January 15th 8 pm (GMT) on Zoom

Join the Light Oneness Guidance and Kamilla in a channelled session to energetically activate and prepare for a deeper spiritual awakening & open up to more of your soul abilities in 2022!

Designed to help purify your mind and cells to receive higher frequencies of Light Intelligence and Joy, this process will serve as a gateway to stabilising and transforming your consciousness and energy for this year of great changes. Through 2022, many energetic shifts will be faciliatated through Light codes and processes to help each of you remember your individual reasons for being here & activate your latent abilities that are so needed right now on Earth. Everyone attracted to understanding and living their life purpose and fuller potential, is fulfilling one of their reasons for incarnating today: to awaken Soul memory and Potential to joyfully serve during this time of Great Planetary Ascension.

This session will be the start of the 12-month Sacred Soul Ascension programme.

Please fill out the form below to receive the Zoom link to the Ascension Activation and also receive the Activation Recording.

Sacred Soul Support (and Ascension programme) can be joined at any stage during the year, for as little as one month, however, at the start of 2022, the Light Guidance and Kamilla have co-created a support-expand-ground programme that is designed to help uplift, inspire, elevate, purify, heal and expand consciousness of those who join in a step-by-step fashion. If you truly wish to change into a more powerful version of you, knowing in your heart that you are lovable, worthy, mighty, infinite and successful – then answer the call of your heart and commit to your awakening and blossoming this year!

This programme – although requiring commitment from you – isn’t a pushy and gruelling one. There is no pressure and no control – the work is done through invitation, joyful upliftment and light; it honours you as the self-regulating being that you are, and provides you with tools and optional accountability to help sustain your growth and opening, so you can get as little or as much from this programme as you choose – it is energetically designed to gift you at the level you are ready to receive and excite you to get curious about what else could be possible.

Say Yes to Your Soul’s Yes – join the Free Worldwide Activation over Zoom below – Recording available. Saturday 15th January at 8 pm (GMT) & prepare for the new exciting Light possibilities opening for you in 2022!


Please fill out the form below to receive the Zoom link to the Ascension Activation and also receive the Activation Recording.

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