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3 – 6 months coaching program

Program Goals:

  • Give you all the support you need to like who you are, believe in yourself, feel joyful and secure in many life’s situations, and bring your best to the world!
  • Learn how to feel naturally good in your skin and around other people;
  • Step into natural acceptance, self-appreciation and loving yourself, so you enjoy your life more;
  • Fine-tune and embody your authentic self, so you can show up without the fear of what others might think;
  • Get rid of the fear of failure and show your best self to the World: start sharing more of your unique gifts, skills and ideas;
  • Deepen your ability to connect with others in meaningful, loving and fulfilling ways.   

Step I: Book a Call to Discuss the Program

Conscious Wholeness Method

  • Pillar 1: Energetic Anatomy
    Learn how to give yourself permission to step into who you really are. We will dive deep into your emotions & beliefs to understand yourself and reshuffle your perspective so that you have more self acceptance, less self-blame and develop more self belief & confidence.
  • Pillar 2: Higher Self
    I will show you how to reconnect with your Higher Self so that you can get out of fear, create change, feel supported and overcome whatever is blocking you from achieving your goals and living your purpose. 
  • Pillar 3: Emotional Mastery
    I will teach you how to become unconditionally Forgiving, Loving & Appreciative of yourself in various situations, so you can feel confident in life, get rid of the impostor syndrome, stop procrastinating and overthinking.
  • Pillar 4: Confidence ToolBox™
    You will learn how to become more powerful, energised, relaxed & peaceful, so you have confidence in facing small and big challenges, improve relationships, and become immune to what others think and follow your dreams with clarity and confidence.

What You Get in the Authentic Confidence Program:

  • 1:1 Deep Dive Healing & Spiritual Coaching
    • 1 x 30-minute Strategy & Revelation Session to identify your key struggles at a soul evolution level, bring positive outlook into those areas, and gain insight into your individual best path towards resolving and thriving.
    • 3 or 6 x 90-minute Deep Dive Sessions with Kamilla where:
      • We discover your main life lessons and how they can serve you to gain more self-love, empowerment and confidence. 
      • We will remove blocks, limiting beliefs and trauma around feeling worthy, confident and lovable from your system
      • Reconnect you with your Higher Intelligence, so you feel supported, loved and joyful in the world. 
      • We will also work with your subconscious, changing limiting beliefs into supportive ones to enable you to move forward feeling worthy, confident, free-from fear of other people’s judgement
      • You will receive individual self-help tools, revelations and healing that will keep working beyond the session.
  • Learning
    • Weekly Step-by-Step Short Video Modules to Guide You through each Step of the Conscious Wholeness Method (1 Empowering Learning Module + 1 Energetic Healing & Alignment Session) 
    • Weekly Integration 5-minute video for home-play – simple steps to take to ground your journey into authentic power and confidence.
  • Support
    • Unlimited 1:1 Coaching with Kamilla via Slack (messaging app) to Ask Questions 24/7 & Get An Answer Within 24 Hours (weekdays)
    • Weekly Progress Check-In Form to Update Kamilla on your Progress & Get Feedback Stay focused on what is most helpful to your success;
  • Community
    • Private Members Community where you can share your wins, connect with people on the same journey and get into the “Zone” of becoming who you would love to be in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Fast Action Bonus
    • Case Early Bird Discount for the first 10 founding members

Free Bonuses:

  • Coming Home to Your Power course – value €1200
    • Tap into your unlimited Power and Infinite Potential, so you can gain a higher energetic perspective on life that allows you to embody ease, success, creativity, self-love. Activate your elemental Power Alchemy in your DNA, Spiritual Consciousness and mind, so you magnetically utilise water, fire, wind, earth and spirit for your Highest Joy, Power and Success.
  • Vibrantly Healthy™ Book – value €25
    • The nutrition that supports your most confident brain, body and energy – a book full of simple vibrationally-high and nourishing recipes to keep you nourished, feel good and high-vibing; 
  • Ready for Success™ Activation – value € 60
    • Align with the frequency of success as your level of Consciousness and a Natural Habit, so you stop any subconscious self-sabotage & embody who and how you wish to be;
  • No More I-Owe-Yous Course – value €50
    • An Energy Alignment Course to liberate your energy from the unconscious dead zone of Debt, Obligation, Slavery and Poverty;
  • And more…
    • Daily Energetic Alignment + Mindset Routine Template
    • Daily Abundance & Manifesting Meditation
    • Success Book List: books that recalibrate your brain and energy for thriving

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Step I: Book a Call to Discuss the Program