Anna from Swords:

My little son is 8 and all his life he had terrible itchy eczema under his knees, elbows and sometimes all over his legs. We kept it at bay with steroid creams but it never fully went away.  I was worried that we’d have to use the cream all his life. His eczema would get dry itchy and then weepy. I brought him to Kamilla in March for a consultation and a food test. He turned out to be sensitive to dairy and potatoes and also needed several other foods that help with eczema. He turned out to have candida too. Once we had changed his diet and took a remedy that Kamilla tested for him, he did not need steroid creams or anything else! I was very surprised that in just 5 days his skin started to heal without a cream – the first time ever in his life! He’s completely free from eczema now and his mood has improved. I found Kamilla to be very helpful after the treatment too, she supported us over email and answered all my questions giving me the best advice for my son. I would recommend anyone to try this as this worked very well and I found the support excellent. Thank you.

A. B., Swords