I am extremely grateful to Life, Spirit and my ancestors for being able to live a very fulfilling life in a highly interesting time. One of my biggest joys is awakening Inner Potential and Power within people: to be loving, confident, decerning, healthy and live in a deep harmony with themselves and the world around them.
I was brought up in an atheistic country by a scientist and a doctor, who were both from families with a long lineage of gifted healers. This potent mix of science and “magic” still serves me today in helping people live spiritually healthy lives that make sense to their logical mind.

My life has had intense challenges from a very young age, which I now see as being perfect in order to activate deeper spiritual awareness, and be able to help others in many ways. The realisation of who I could be versus who I thought I was is still unfolding – and will continue to until I am fully “enlightened”, here are two notable events that marked how I work with people today at the physical and emotional levels:
firstly, there was an unusual way in which at eighteen I discovered I had been depressed and numb for a number of years. The shock of this realisation opened my (then) atheistic mind to accept that there is higher consciousness (aka spirit/soul) and that I’d been disconnected in my awareness from my own ‘soul’. I started dilligently working towards reconnecting and growing in awarenss of what my unique soul self might be, and by the age of twenty four, I was feeling joy, inspiration and genuine delight at being alive and being me. At nineteen, I contracted a tropical parasite and developed bad colitis – four years later a sudden Inner Insight spontaneously occured unprovoked by anything on the outside, and I suddenly realised I did not want to eat animal flesh anymore. It was so sudden, that my mind was terrified of malnourishment, as then I had no idea how to live off plants :). After about half a year of becoming a vegetarian, quite surprisingly my colitis started to heal all by itself. It took a further number of years of studying nutrition that allowed all symptoms to go away, and further several years of energy psychology & healing to see I was holding childhood PTSD in my intestine and set it free.

These early examples showed me very practically, that everything in my life, including challenges, worked for my highest joy and expansion. This paved a good road to turning around many unhelpful limiting beliefs about myself, health and what’s possible. It is lovely to know that each time I step through a challenge – it always brings me deeper wisdom, happiness and new ways to guide others into wholeness.

Searching for ways fo achieve fuller healing and happiness, and to help others, I studied Psychology, Metaphysics, Kinesiology, PSYCH-K, Nutrition, many forms of Meditation, Sound and Energy healing. In my thirties, I became aware that I was claircognizant and that even as a child I perceived Truthful information about about why people suffered both emotionally and physically in life. I now channel the “Light Guidance” or “The Council of Light – which includes ascended master souls, “angelic” consciousness and Source Intelligence: this allows me to more effectively help people recognise their life purpose, the lessons from and the solutions for their individual challenges and problems.

I feel very fulfilled in what I do and I am delighted to say I am co-creating the will of the Light here as much as I can in each moment,
If you feel that you have been missing lighteness of being, joy, fulfilment or purpose – do reach out for a free 20-minute Chat (Discovery Call button is below) and I would be happy to tune in and see if we were destined to work together to help you elevate and expand toward living your dreams and beyond whatever might be troubling you right now.