Why You might get Doubts or Anxiety before taking steps towards something Really Good for You.

Whenever we’re about to make any serious changes in our lives, our old patterns (held in the basic survival part of our brain and nervous system) are coded to protect us from any potential danger. So they put up all types of resistance to protect the nervous system from overwhelm. However, this is why change can be so hard and ultimately this protection doesn’t work if you wish to keep evolving.

The trick is to learn to:

A ) distinguish your Heart Truth from your old fear-based emotions and thoughts;

B ) soothe yourself when you get triggered by change, and not let the fear (anxiety, sudden doubts and odd tiredness or weird external circumstance*) stop you – and keep taking the actions you know in your heart are good for you🙏

This is very hard for all of us to master.

It takes knowledge and practice to understand this for yourself and then learn to apply it every time you’re about to do something very new 🙏🤍

This is why a lot of people have some:




Poor planning


Sudden doubts


*and even external events might pop out of nowhere to seemingly tell you ‘no’

When I lead my clients into their full unfolding as their most authentic powerfully soulful selves, these are some of the most life-changing skills I teach. This way my clients are finally able to make the changes they desired for so long but struggled to!

All guilt and self beating-up get dealt with, drama reduced and overthinking subsides. Life is more manageable and the person can now also release habits and beliefs around not being good at “life” or changes! 🙏

If this is something you struggle with and would love to learn to grow through – get in touch through the Form HERE or Book a Free Call with me HERE 💚