Your Needs Lead You to Your Highest Vitality

If you’ve been a little more tired, flat or maybe more introverted than usual over the last couple of days – welcome to the new moon this month!

My invite would be to surrender to what your body is calling for, and REST as much as you can or choose to make time for. To acknowledge your NEEDS as something you are born here to have – not to overcome but to evolve THROUGH.

I’ve come across a repetitive theme of ACCEPTANCE this month: acceptance of all we are – likable or not, of our HUMANNESS, of all that life presents us with.

Because when we do – we accept important aspects of Reality, we unite fully with all the energy and pathways to manage our vitality for our best creativity and joy here in life.

With this in mind, going back to a new moon being a “new beginning” and a clean slate, being completely dark (with the bright sun right behind it) – this Darkness becons us to own and release/transmute our shadows. To own the shadows is to own all you love or dislike about your inner experience and you. So you are landing into Reality – both seen and unseen, having Truth on your side.
So that you can stop using up precious energy to hide, pretend, project or run away from something inside you’d rather not have.
The New Moon welcomes us into a Deeper Truth: the Unknown, New, Sacred and Desired – in simpler and clearer ways.

I wonder how your expereince of the New Moon has been (the latest one or in general)?