5 Steps to Start Healing Shame & Guilt Right Now

Shame is one the most uncomfortable and suffering-inducing emotions we can have. Much intrigue, fear, sadness and maliciousness can stem from unresolved shame.

It can show up in many ways: shyness, insecurity, instability, low self-esteem, feeling bad/wrong, not good enough, upset, isolated, paranoid, blaming, confrontational or scared of conflict, afraid of connection or commitment (to life, yourself or other people).

Also, shame can be seen as… innocence

It’s that feeling of ‘I am so vulnerable, so small in this Big World’…
so uncertain of myself, child-like shy, limited and innocently unaware of All I AM…

When we tap into this space of Innocence within shame… we start to unite these polarised but forever connected energies into a neutral state of Just Being…
Neither good or bad, right or wrong…

Being stuck on just one possibility of being with shame, we can’t quite move past it and onto the next stage.

Here are 5 Healing Steps to take to start shifting your relationship with shame:

1. Name it – shame can be one of the trickiest emotions to detect. We often hide it under sadness, anger and frustration, especially at others and life circumstances.You could start naming it neutrally: “I feel shame right now.”

2. Acknowledge Normalcy: if we make being ashamed wrong, we shame ourselves and make it bigger! So instead – look around and you’ll see that everybody is ashamed of something now and again. You are normal & aren’t weak for feeling this way!

3. Expose it: shame feeds off secrecy – once it’s in the open, it diminishes its grip on you. Write it with kindness in your journal, practice courage by sharing with a compassionate person you trust.

4. Stop the Self-Blame Thrower: we believe that if we stop shaming & berating ourselves, we won’t change. However, research and common sense show that it doesn’t work. We continue feeling bad and behaving in the same way. Hurt never heals, only Love does. Whenever you notice being judgy to self, use a higher path: “I forgive & accept myself for being imperfect. I open to seeing Truth and Love in Who I am.”

5. Seek Help: By working with gifted healers and heartful professionals, I moved much faster on my own journey with shame. These healing experiences all helped me uncover my individual lessons around self-loathing, self-dislike and self-judgement, allowing me to elevate into much deeper self-love and appreciation.

In a Shame-Healing transmission this Wednesday 28th of October, we will start healing Shame by taking 3 Steps – energetically, mentally and emotionally in a deep guided process.

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