Tried-&-Tested Way to overcome 3 Biggest Mistakes around Manifesting:)

There is ONE important STEP around Manifesting that some people either don’t know about or can’t quite master:

  • staying vibrationally ACCEPTING of/Vibing with what you’d love and yet NEUTRAL about it consistently.

It’s not an unheard of Secret, but most people I’ve met (myself included for ages) don’t “get the hang of it”.

This happens because of the 3 Common Mistakes:

(a) mix up between GOAL and DESIRE. Desire creates both clarity and urgency. The trick is to keep clarity but ditch urgency.

(b) lack awareness, not enough time given to discover feelings/thoughts about the Goal. If you’ve got secret anxiety or manic desire about your Goal, that will sabotage it. So, Take Time to SIT with yourself focusing on what you want, then notice HOW you feel about it.

(c) fight and push against fears and expectations – WINNING by being pushy definitely doesn’t work… What you Resist – Persists.

So I decided to share my tried-n-tested way to get into the habit of Ditching Worries and Desire and keeping consistent Clarity and Neutral Happiness.

Here is how in 4 Super Simple Steps:

  1. Clarity: Focus onto what you’d like, Feel or See what it would be like. What you like about it, etc. Get into the feelings, visuals, sensations of it. Become clear in your mind what it is you wish to experience.

  2. Give Time to Watching (like a hawk): your emotions and thoughts about it – check if you feel RELAXED, CONTENT, NEUTRAL around what you’d like. If yes – that’s it, keep doing whatever you are doing. You are good with this.

  3. Make it your already-done-in-mind goal, drop the desire. Notice if you feel anxious, worried, unworthy or else Hyped-Up, Urgent, Life-or-Death, Can’t Live without feelings. These were useful in giving you clarity but now you need to Remove the manic-ness of it by any holistic, tried-tested means you know, e.g. sit with your emotions, Let go, offer them up to Higher Power, EFT, PSYCH-K, etc.

  4. Watch: yourself through the day: when I think of My Goal what happens? Calm images and feelings that make me happy, or am I racing in my mind or feeling sad and anxious? Any time this happens go to Step 3.

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