How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success, Start Believing in Yourself & Take Action. In 3 Steps.

Without self-trust, there is limited self-awareness, reduced sense of self and a lack of security in the world
It’s also near impossible to be fully connected, in charge of your life and successful.

I know this first-hand as for years I had experienced self-sabotage, procrastination and low self-belief when it came to taking steps towards being successful…

I tried many things to figure out how to change this… Overtime, I discovered and combined three steps that when used together, created the biggest shift in how comfortable I felt in myself, how easily I trusted my decisions and how happy I was. I also started to trust my intuitive guidance, my ability to take action magically improved and I became more magnetic to money and success!

Here are the 3 Steps I’ve used for myself and many clients to help cultivate a Strong Self-Belief:

(1) Positive encouragement:
This is a true game-changer: I find it works best if I either write it down each morning or else look into the mirror and tell myself that I believe in myself, root for myself and know I can do it!

(2) Stop punishing thoughts:
I do not permit any judgemental thoughts around making mistakes. Mistakes are not bad. We are here to learn from our mistakes. Berating yourself over mistakes is counter-productive, reduces morale, brings on negative emotions and deflates any desire to try again!

(3) Energetic alignment with my best self:
Notice your feelings and body sensations when you procrastinate, feel like you can’t do it, etc. Close your eyes and ask yourself “How would I like this to be instead?” – tune into the feelings, sensations, and everything else you perceive and then make a choice that you’d rather be this! Voila – there might be a small shift but it will grow the more you practice. This takes practice and it may help to do with a guide or in a group.

I hope these three steps have been useful to you! Which step did you like the most? :)

In my upcoming two workshops on the 1st of April and 2nd of April – on Zoom (and in person in Ireland) – I am going to share the principles and energy codes that helped me increase self trust, take consistent successful actions and align with the best version of myself that I truly want to be in the world :)

The Workshops can be taken individually or together (saving 20%).
Aptil 1st, Friday 8 pm (online and/or Naas Holistic Centre, Ireland)
I Trust Myself” workshop: clear blocks around your natural ability to trust yourself, and repair your mind’s ability to access more of your intuition.

Aptil 2nd, Friday 10:45am (online and/or Naas Holistic Centre, Ireland)
Success Identity” workshop: remove blocks around success and the impostor syndrome, self-sabotage and procrastination. Activate codes for holding success as your frequency.