Ascension… I Have Resisted for as Long as I Could!

As I was describing and channelling material for one of my upcoming workshops, I wrote “this is in preparation for the Ascension Gateway in 2022’…

Say What?…

Ascension …Gateway?!?

I have resisted using the term “Ascension” for as long as I could…Honestly, I have!

It just seemed such a Grand Word to throw about!

My personality has had a thing about ‘being authentic, unique and doing it her way’ and she’s done her best to avoid ‘spiritual clichets’ :). However, after channelling information relating to the Light Codes for expansion, joy, self-realisation, empowerment, love – I felt a strong guidance to use a collective term for all of this… The closest word I could find was …ascension! :)

Regardless of what word you may wish to use for spiritual growth and evolution – if feeling more ease and grace while you are spiritually evolving in a fast-changing outer reality is something you are interested in – you can prepare your body-energy system with integrating Inner Light & Power Codes (assisted by the Light “ascended” Intelligence and the Source) in this recording.


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