No More I-Owe-Yous: releasing your Debt-consciousness

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Have you ever noticed yourself running around doing what you must, should, ought to, have to, obliged to, expected to, promised to? I certainly have, and still notice this energy trying to rise now and again… Believing that we owe something to somebody and being owed to, can block us from following our best path and instead ties us to repetitive and limited options.

E.g. ‘I’d like to do what I love, instead I’ll keep giving most of my time to what I perceive I should.’
or ‘My parents, society, government owe me, so I will keep blaming and waiting, rather than take action to create what I need for myself.

We have become slaves to something or somebody through obligation, whilst believing others are here to save us or serve us. Thus we cut ourselves off from our True Freedom and Power to Choose and to Create.

By believing in this artificial system of promise-debt, we are not living in the NOW – but cling to promise-based past or future. This cuts us off from our Power to see what’s available & choose in the moment. Our Inner Truth gets shushed by expectations, guilt and routine. We can then habitually: feel like a victim, worry, angrily expect, fight or resent.

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Another pain attached to this lack/debt mentality is the illusion of control: as though one can be in charge of another or a part of life’s resources… This painful delusion grew to such an extend that we fight and destroy many life forms (and then wake up with a guilty conscience looking around)…
However, wouldn’t you agree that

Life flows through us and through all around us,
It is intelligent and self-regulating beyond our control.
Thus no one can Own
or Owe anything in Life to anybody,
as no one life form can take control of Life.

A very wise person – a gifted shaman – shared with me once a simple exercise to be done through the day to start breaking the delusion of separation, lack and control. It’s very simple:

– Take a few conscious breaths with intention:
…IN – you are taking of life,
…OUT – you are giving to life…

in an endless flow of Life through you…

(you can try it right now… :)

I would also invite you to notice that you are FREE to breathe, as there is no need to feel obliged to breathe nor owe your breath to anybody…

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