Failure Does Not Exist

Life is boring when nothing NEW happens…

When you are living to the full – you are always reaching for New goals and doing New things and therefore learning something new: and while learning we always make mistakes! 


Think of babies learning how to walk, they make lots of “wrong” foot and body movements, but they don’t call themselves ‘failure’ every time they fail to walk! Babies don’t give up each time they don’t get the result they aim for, in fact their every ‘wrong’ step teaches them more and more how to reach their goal.

therefore… when you fail, you are a winner, not a failure!

YES, it HURTS to be disapointed in not getting what we wished for that time, but it’s an opportunity to review, revise and re-create from a much Wiser Perspective! :)

So, if you are making mistakes – then you are learning something new and therefore are in the process of BECOMING BETTER at it! :) Once you master that goal/skill, it becomes familiar and less exciting with time, so to keep evolving and keep life interesting, your being will naturally direct you towards another New Goal. If you start going towards something New, be asured you will make blunders in order to fully explore what works and what doesn’t.

In conclusion: each time you fail to meet your expectation or results you aim for – remember that you are being brave, daring and are fully living your Life as is meant to by evolving humans: through trial and error, which allows us our wonderful Free Will and, therefore, Excitement, Learning and Creativity!