Green Smoothies for Babies

Babies LOVE green smoothies (or greens+berries in this case), as you can see with this happy little angel at my recent ‘Happy & Healthy in Winter’ demonstration event!

Baby T enjoy smoothie

You can offer green smoothies to babies from about 6 months on, this will introduce your baby to leafy greens, provide multitude of easily digested nutrients and will form excellent habits for life! :)
If you are following the baby led weaning (which is awesome!), then you will see how much your child naturally enjoys these foods – baby T on the picture above drank 3 cups of my Green Healthy-n-Happy Immunity Smoothie all by himself and protested loudly when mom tried to taste some! :)
If your baby is a picky eater or has an upset tummy or skin rashes, I offer baby food sensitivities testing, which includes a test for foods they need as well as the foods that don’t agree with them.
There are no needles or lengthy waiting for the results either! This is useful for very young breast-fed babies too, as what you eat may be causing problems for your baby.