Get Confused by Valentine’s Day? How to Have Love & Peace Instead.

Dearest Radiant Readers,

Today, as you know, is Valentine’s day, and, if it’s a day that stirs up a whole range of unpleasant or conflicting emotions for you – then you are not alone, I used to  feel a bit like that too! If you have days that are less loving than others, perhaps consider reading this also, it may be of some help:). Read this especially if you feel “alone“, “unhappy” or “annoyed at this stupid holiday”. There are a number of graceful, conscious and loving ways out of whatever is causing you anything but PEACE on this day! I promise! :)
love you raw chocolate
Just as any holiday (dont’ be fooled by thinking that everybody loves birthdays or Christmas!), it can bring up a whole range of feelings and opinions in people: from excitement, trepidation (does he, does he not?) to complete disinterest and irritation. And I totally get every point out there! :) Yes, Loving your Significant other is for every day not just today! Yes, if you just broke up with somebody, this holiday can be a complete pain! :) Yes, it does have a commercial side to it! Yes, Love is more than just ‘a romantic love between two people’… However, just as with any “holiday or event” that is somehow brought to our attention by the outside world, we can choose to resist it, ignore it  or accept it – which brings us so many more choices! Consider the following:

Resistance uses up a lot of energy to push away whatever it is we “don’t like” and usually is strongly connected to negative emotions – as nobody resist something they genuinely 100% like and want to have.
When we ignore something, we still give it our attention of “I know it’s there and I will keep looking the other way”, which means it is in our AWARENESS anyway and uses up energy to keep ignoring it and again causes negative emotions.
Acceptance does not mean that we have to think or act in accordance with how something is presented to us, as in for Valentine’s day we don’t have to (a) have/find a romantic partner for the day, (b) get chocolates and have dinner with that person!

Just check it out: IF you accepted that this holiday exists just the way it is and that other people have a choice to do whatever they please on this day and that you are completely free to choose how to spend it, what to think of it and what to do on it! You then no longer have the pressure to ignore it, have mixed feelings about it (I love it when I have a partner and hate it when I’m alone). Just accepting that there is a certain meaning “out there, outside of you” that the society has allocated to February 14th, you do not have to “buy into that meaning” or have “any points of view about it”… Now, take a breath and release all of the meaning you may have attached to it…

And now….. Imagine the possibilities! :)

What would you like this day to mean to YOU?
How would YOU like to spend it? What would You infuse it with? What would you focus on, celebrate or simply observe or create in the world? More Love for yourself? May be getting something very special JUST for you. May be giving a flower to somebody, who is alone, may be old or too stressed to realise that they too have a choice to love more. Love themselves more, love the choice they have and love the world a little more too? :)

At the end of the day, this is a day to Celebrate whatever it is you choose – once you free yourself from the point of view that you have to accept anybody else’s! And finally, Love is in everything and is everything, so if there is a day that is dedicated to – albeit – romantic love, that’s More Love outside of you, as this holiday still calls for care, gifts and appreciation in people! For now – Enjoy Love, whenever and in whichever way you choose to! :)

With Love to you today! I Love You :),


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