Take the Stress Out of Food for YOU! Your Freedom in Food Choices.

There are so many different foods & ways to eat it on this planet! And in reality we can eat whichever way we like – there are no “food guards” in your kitchen or when out and about!:)
You can choose food from the many different varieties around you:
from the different markets, gardens, shops and restaurants! And you are free to consume whichever ones you want any time you really wanted to, even when you decide to eat differently or even detox for a while – you can go and eat something else any minute you really wanted to! Who is to stop you? :) Knowing that you can have that big mac or a big soda drink or sausages late at night if you really, really wanted to, gives a feeling of freedom when it comes to choosing to eat healthier! It is totally about Your freedom of Choice!

Some consistent positive choices do have a way of rewarding us, however! :).

And to make this less of a pressure for yourself, do give yourself a short time during which you will make those choices. And do remind yourself that any time, any time at all you can just go and have something else – no food guards in the kitchen, remember? :)
We can choose to consistently choose something for a set amount of time; say, for just 1 day, or may keep on making certain choices for 7 days, 14 days! And the next time we choose healthier options on a daily basis, we may go on choosing them for longer, like 21 or even 42 days? And then… see what happens and what amazing choices you may want to make from there on! :)

How about trying out the choices below? :)


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