Manifesting Your Big Dreams into Reality: To Shout Them from the Rooftops or…Not? :)

MArk Twain

What a sound and beautiful quote in the picture above! :) Keep your Big Plans to yourself or share them only with those, who are able to be and live as big as or, better yet, bigger than you are! Such people will not see your ability to GO BIG as a threat to the barriers they still have, but, instead will see your desire to move up as a natural evolution of consciousness in you!

The barriers to Being Big in people consciously or unconsciously create a desire to thwart your plans, so you may never demonstrate to these people that they can LIVE BIG too! Hence it is not that these are bad or ‘small-minded’ people, they simply still have not transcended certain limitations that will fight to remain where they are. These inner barriers is what gets threatened by actually witnessing somebody else overcome their limitations! So, the unconsciousness ‘throws dust’ into people’s eyes any time there is the tiniest possibility that you may show them that it is possible to forego limitations and to consciously live from your true core – your Soul’s Dreams!

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