Manifesting Your Dreams Into Life :)

Are you dreaming of something GOOD for you, my radiant friend? : )this is life...

When you want something, what do you focus on? What thoughts circle in your head? Probably the ones that add to: “Want this – don’t have this now.”

If we focus on what we WANT, we also mean that we don’t have it and align ourselves with the sate of “not having”. As in, when you already buy the house of your dreams, move in the furniture and walk onto the balcony to admire the view, you are not standing there thinking: “I want this house so badly!”, you are in a state of enjoyment or quiet acceptance of having it. :) The “not having” counterpart to wanting can be as subtle as a wistful sigh, to rage and intense fear when we are faced with something happening that is opposite to what we want.

When we focus on having what we want, we are aligning ourselves and our mind and subconscious with the energy of that which we want and it pushes out all ideas about the “not having”. So, your desires are aligned with your subconscious and the Universe. : )

Let your mind relax, connect to nature and the Universe, let go off the control and DREAM BIG and focus on having it vibrationally! : )))
Carry on, follow the peaceful intuition that emerges, act on ideas and feelings and inklings that resonate with the feeling of having… and watch what happens! : )

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