Two Magic Words to Change How You Feel and to Disempower the Hidden Programmes in Your Subconscious :)


Did you ever notice that there are people (and may be you are one of them:) – who when faced with unhappy emotions, circumstances or gloomy moods seem to be able to feel better very quickly? And then there are people who, once upset, stay ‘down’ for a while until something better happens in their world.  Well, here is something to consider for yourself: at those times when you feel down or sad, do you think that you consciously choose to be unhappy? As in you say to yourself: “This is not so nice, this is not how I want it, I don’t like this rainy weather!” and then decide that – “Alright, time to be upset, as it is the most effective response which will correct the list of the things I am unhappy with!” ? :-) If you don’t do that, then do you think that the ‘sad emotions’ could be a totally automatic subconscious response?

Not all subconscious behaviours are ‘bad’, ,some are quite handy :) – like riding a bicycle or driving a car, even walking – these are all mostly run by our subconscious mind, otherwise we’d have to do something like: ‘Now, place left hand on the lever, now push the lever back, no, a bit to the left! Now, while watching the road, move my right foot down, no wait, now turn the key!’ … :)) We did all of that at the beginning of LEARNING how to drive, but once we did it many times and programmed automatic responces, our subconscious took over and is now quite happy to perform the task of driving instead of our conscious mind!

On the other hand, quite a few people think that once some negative pattern or behaviour is in subconscious it takes YEARS or therapy, self-work, affirmations and what not to correct the ‘old subconscious ways’. However, there is a neat little way to make this faster. :)

I call it a Declaration of CHOICE.

To activate it and re-write your old pattern of ‘let’s be upset or sad, as it’s the best I’ve come up with so far…’ can be washed away with consistent Choosing of what YOU actually want to have in that moment! :) I know it may sound too simple to be true, but try it! What have you got to lose? :)) In this case, how about… CHOOSING TO BE HAPPY? I know this may sound totally obvious, and you might be saying  “Well, of course, I want to be happy! It’s a given, who wants to be miserable? I don’t need to choose anything!”…

There is a difference between wanting something, and actually choosing-declaring to have it!

 Think about it (or check it out vibrationally)…if you never actually said to yourself: “I choose to be happy” or ” I choose to be unhappy”…then who’s running how you are feeling right now? Is it some old decision you made when you were a child and then passed it onto your subconscious? May be it’s your parents’ way of dealing with something they didn’t like and you simply adopted their choice without deciding for yourself… The Good News is that Once you really choose something with all seriousness inside you, you make a conscious decision to have it – you change the subconscious patterns, thoughts and emotions which you have been running & broadcasting unconsciously about a particular thing in your life. So, once you declare your new choice, the intricate interconnected energies of the Universe start to rearrange themselves to correspond with the choice you consciously made.

Would you like how you feel to be completely your choice for a change?

 Is this the moment to make that choice right now?

If so, then go ahead…use the Magic Words…

Declare to yourself:   “I choose to be Happy Right Now!”  :))))

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