A Simple Trick to Make Yourself Feel Better in a Few Seconds! (And to expand your consciousness too!:)

If you are feeling down, then remember that there is one or two simple steps you can take that will help you change this without a huge conscious effort:

I turn to nature

(1) Keep your head high.
A simple act of not hanging your head low and having that stooped shoulder posture, where most of us unconsciously look down at the ground and ponder some heavy thoughts – can really help! Lifting your chin slightly and looking up naturally changes the way your brain and nervous system work. The pre-conditioned reaction when we are happy is to be inquisitive about the world, and in order to do that, we must have our head high, eyes open and ears listening in to the world here and now in this moment :).

(2) Gaze at the sky for just a few seconds.
Spending just 20-60 seconds looking at the sky and really “seeing it”, observing it, allowing yourself to expand into its huge, infinite vastness and leaving w
hatever has been troubling you behind, can change not just your mood but expand you energetically and consciously very fast. The vastness of the sky brings your awareness of things that are much grander, than anything that has been troubling you – the sky, with its divine intricately arranged colours, ever-changing clouds, infinitely radiant blues or dark powerful greys – all these amazing expansive things are happening right now, and whether we are feeling stressed about something or not – the skies keep on changing and moving, showing us they are way “above” and beyond all the small stuff. :) As we are gazing and expanding our awareness of the Universe – we realise we are a part of this infinity, we are here, we are Huge! We are bigger than the tiny speck of a problem that temporarily took over our always-expanding , sky-large, beautiful life!

An undisturbed natural environment such as the sky (even if it’s grey and cloudy) is fully harmonious and fluid like everything in nature, this coherence flows through us and easily balances many stuck energetic pathways to the way they naturally work. Make sure that you are doing this without a glass (open a window or go outside) between you and the sky as this allows for much more natural interaction between you and the Natural expansive energy of the sky. Looking up also gets your head from the “hanging low and sad” position, opens up your back, refreshes the mind, balances unwanted thoughts and restores your natural harmony. :) As most of us are consciously not aware of our oneness with nature and all that is, this is super-expansive and enriching on a daily basis and many ancient cultures greeted the sun and the sky at least once a day consciously to remind themselves of this greatness that our lives are. Try this anytime, especially if you are tired at work, spend long hours indoors or simply wish to uplift your mood! :)

3) As a powerful optional expansion on the above:
Breathe in and imagine yourself inhaling the sky into you while looking up, exhale and see yourself expanding high above and all around. Do this a few times, expanding your mind and dissolving any previously persistent thoughts. Dissolve, expand, breathe and be at peace. :)

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