When was the last time you got INSPIRED by watching a film? Here is one that may just do that! :)

How often do we get inspired when watching a movie? Not that frequently I think. More often we get bored, mildly amused, frightened or saddened. I have not seen “The Cure is…” yet the trailer has already made me feel more Joy, Happiness and curiosity to expand my everyday mind.:)

Big movie productions spend SO MUCH MONEY on making us pay money for something we “MUST SEE!”, this “must” part comes from a fear that we are going to miss out on something, rather than the fact that whatever it is we are forced to watch will enrich us and make our lives more interesting, meaningful and joyful!

I Love Inspiration! From within and around! Isn’t it great when something you are watching pushes your ‘everyday mind’s boundaries’ towards more Joy, Happiness and Hope? :D  Check out the Trailer and decide for yourselves!

 The film will be shown on the 11-11-2012 tomorrow, and you can watch it online for $5.99! :) I think I will be doing that – will let you all know if it was worth it! :)

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