A Glowing Face in 10 minutes: Easy and Super powerful Rejuvenating Spirulina Mask!

Dear radiant readers:),

Today I would like to share with you something that can give your skin an incredible radiance and rejuvenation in as little as 3 minutes! This wonderful mask only needs one ingredient: Spirulina. Because Spirulina is a powerhouse of readily available nutrients for your skin – they absorb easily and quickly transforming your skin in a very short time. Spirulina has many of antioxidants that perk up and tone tired skin, giving it a healthy glow, and also protect your skin from free radicals. Spirulina contains chlorophyl – this is where the green colour comes from – this really oxygenates and illuminates skin cells (as if you’ve just done some cardio in fresh air and have been detoxing for a few days), and promotes collagen formation. Spirulina is incredibly nourishing to the skin, providing it with many vitamins and essential and trace minerals, it softens & nourishes dry skin, balances oily or combination skin – so basically it is suitable for all skin types. :) Small amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 are perfectly nourishing and readily available for the skin to make it extra supple and promote elasticity.

Further tips:

  • Use only about 1/4 teaspoon for the face and a little bit more 1/3 for the face+neck.
  • Use this mask before important dates, meetings, etc. Especially effective if you are tired, after work and need a quick boost to look your best. :)
  • Get in the shower, splash your face and apply your mask, wash the rest of your body and then wash off your mask at the end of the shower. This is the easiest, laziest and still extremely effective way to do many masks :)
  • Use spirulina mask on your neck and chest. Using all masks on your neck as well as the face is important because over time it may become apparent that the neck is not as youthful looking as the face, as you don’t look after the neck as much!
  • Using spirulina on the rest of your body (even for 30 seconds as a quick: apply and wash off) will noticeably soften and nourish your body skin, try it – the skin feels incredibly great afterwords! Also useful for stretch mark areas on the body to promote elasticity of the skin.

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