Back, knee or neck pain: Is it you or is it your shoes? Plus the Joy of Natural Running!

Watch this video whether you jog or not – this helps correct postural problems, so if you suffer from back ache, headaches, knee or feet pain – you will find it useful:

Natural Barefoot Run (Posture) explained

I love this video because it can help you overcome the modern day effects of sitting behind a desk for too long and wear shoes that raise your heal (when you wear shoes even with the smallest 3 mm heal, you are actually are on tip-toes, whether you like it or not!) – all this makes us distribute weight incorrectly when we stand, walk or run! This, overtime, can lead to hips/knee/neck/back pain and potentially lead to headaches, tiredness and inflammation in various parts of the body. Best of all – all these corrections can be done at home and are absolutely FREE! So enjoy! :)
Lastly:  I do advise that you walk barefoot as much as you can! Do the exercises in the video (such as hopping on one spot) to balance your posture! Then decide whether you would like to go “barefoot” in your shoes and exercise-wear too! If so, then explore 53Degrees North, or go to the Wholesalers for “barefoot” in Ireland

Oh, and if you do jog – like me – this really makes the running Fun and Easy and prevents injuries to knees and back.  Running shouldn’t have as much strain on the body as we sometimes make it!

2 thoughts on “Back, knee or neck pain: Is it you or is it your shoes? Plus the Joy of Natural Running!

  1. I have purchased mine 3 weeks ago and they are FANTASTIC! I wish I have known sooner! The exercises are important though, as we learn for so long to stand and walk incorrectly with our heals raised that it takes some conscious effort to speed up the posture correction. :)

  2. Wow that sounds amazing m, I will definitely consider making the change to barefoot shoes!!

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